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  1. TDC on 4yec

    Hi all.
    I'm sorry if this is a duplicate post. I'm new here.
    I've recently installed a rebuilt 4y into my 87 4X4 TV.
    When we turned the crank to what should be TDC on the crank,
    the number 1 piston is at the bottom.
    Any ideas?:wall
  2. Ground point locations....

    I'm brand new to this, but not to my beloved Toy Vans. I have had 2 Previa s a Burgundy '91 and a blue 92 with sunroofs. the later I put 235.000 on it before loosing a head gasket. It was still "near mint" and I was forced to sell it to an older friend who could afford to fix it. But my current "love" is my Vanessa, an '89 4X4 LE, AT a daily driver with 308,650 miles. 4 years ago I required her "brother" Burt a '88 4X4 Cargo 5 speed from a junk dealer with 164K and ...
  3. I got an Ice Maker!

    Can't believe I didn't blog this.

    So in the summer 2016, I was in Vancouver BC where my sister in law lives.

    I love going to Van city. I've got East a couple times and I did because I wanted to explore the parks there.

    Anyways, I see at DIY yard on off the high way. But I've never attempted to go there.

    I decided to do it that day.

    I didn't expect much and I didn't have tools. I just simple was gonna video tape and hopefully find ...
  4. ALL Japan ES Meeting.

    Was in Japan for the All Japan Estima Meeting.

    Met a ton of my FB and IG friends that have vans I lust over.
  5. My 1987 4x4 Cargo "Krusty"

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for all the info. I definitely have enough shock travel on the compression side. I measured it and all is good so I won't bottom out the shock.

    I ordered stock spring isolators to replace the mr. gasket spacers that were placed in there by the P.O. so those are stock as well.

    Would tightening the upper control arms before preloading the suspension cause this issue?

    Is the lack of droop an issue? If it's not, it's probably just ...