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  1. Body restore projects

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    Rear window delete, part of my restoration.
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    Panel fitting
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    panel fitting
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    High build epoxy primer
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    All epoxy fairing compound no more than one millimeter thick and epoxy primer
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  2. In need of fuse box with cover for 1987 TV think it's le model

    Hi all, so 2 days ago I noticed my temperature gauge was not moving and when I first turned the key some dash lights did not come on so I checked fuses and noticed the gauge fuse 7.5 was blown. I replaced it with a 5amp just to see if it would blow quickly but it held fine. This morning after 10 min of driving I smelled plastic burning and after another 5 min behold there was a small fire starting from my fuse box. Pulled over shut off the van and put the fire out. Waited for the smoke and the ...
  3. Electrical Regulator

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm having difficulty in finding the location in my vehicle [1982 Hi-Ace] of the electrical regulator.

    Has anyone an idea where it was in that model?

  4. "Freedom Machine"

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm the new kid on the block, from "Down-Under" in Brisbane, Australia and this is my little baby!
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    I've been the proud owner of "Freedom Machine" [name on my motorhome] for 21 years now and she's a 1982 Hi-ace.

    What led me to "Toyota Van Tech" was that I'm having difficulty in finding the location in my vehicle of the external electrical regulator.

    Please, can any

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  5. BOSCH Oversize Oil Filters for Previa, Estima (S/C and N/A). high quality and cheap

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    So I have decided to go the oversized oil filter route because I want to implement 10000km oil change intervals paired with a good quality synthetic oil. A larger filter would be perfect for longer oil change duration; potential to trap more particulates with less drop off in flow rate. I personally like the Bosch filters as they are easier to find, have a high amount of actual filter media per oil filter, are all metal, and generally high quality while affordable. I also prefer their WS "workshop"