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  1. Supra wheels with a Van twist

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    Found them on Craigslist. No hub caps. Black spray paint over old brake dust and road grime. Loads of road grime!

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    Four stages of stripping with "Aircraft paint striper"

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    Same on back side.

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    After 1st scraping.

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    Two passes with toilet bowl cleaner! Yes Good old toilet bowl cleaner. Don't leave it on too long!
  2. Testing the "blog this post" button.

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    There doesn't seam to be as much traffic on the blog side, so if the "blog this post" button does what I think it does, I could have individual threads on the Forum side with more views and comments, and keep them all together in the same place in a blog ????
    Just trying to understand how this site works Lets see...
  3. Sliding windows rehab.

    Both sliders rubber parts where shot, the outer foam rubber seal was more foam than rubber. So dried up, it crumbled into dust at the lightest touch.
    The rubber track so shrunken, it was coming out of the frame at the corners.
    Off course all these parts are N.L.A. new, so I got a set of donors from a junk Yard in Colorado.

    clean up and sorted donors


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  4. Head light bezel and emblem plate.

    It should have been a straight forward job: Strip, de-chrome and re- chrome all five parts off the front fascia for my van as promised by the Chrome plating shop.

    I forgot one small detail: I leave in South Florida, where the van is rare but crooks are abundant!

    So this is how it went...

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    Chrome plating was peeling, white paint pitted and faded, looked really bad!

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    Not only it wasn't plating, ...
  5. Body work and paint kwick step.

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    Rock Guard OEMName:  Rock Guard.jpg
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    Clear ...