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  1. Distributor O ring/ burning oil

    This info is credited to cmh1129 on

    I am unsure if this info is posted here on TVT.

    I typically try to look for common issues with the vehicles I buy, so I know what to look for or change when I get the car. While I kept hearing SADS and blown head gaskets, ...

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  2. Van update - 7/24/14

    Left work early to check on my van. Today was suppose to the day the motor came out, but it didnt happen. Kinda disappointed, because I was planning on taking the tranny to get serviced at another shop this weekend.

    The good thing was, the motor started and didnt overheat (atleast not right away, we didnt let it run to long). I did a quick run over of the van. Moved really good (transmission) and AC was cold and blowing in the rear, one of the things I was really wondering about. ...
  3. Removing the vanity mirror write up.

    When I bought my van, i didnt realize the passenger vanity mirror was cracked, until after I purchased it. I then saw a golden previa already taken apart. I asked since I bought the van, can I get the vanity mirror off the junked one, they said yeah.

    I cut the wires and put it in my van.

    I finally got a chance to take it apart and realized it was easier than I thought!!!

    When you open the flap, pop the cover the light cover with a flat head.

    This ...
  4. Roof molding

    When I bought my van, it had the raised molding on the roof. I saw a roof rack.

    One of my side moldings was missing.

    So I gotta do some junkyard hunting.

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  5. SADS info

    Since I am unfamiliar with the Previa, one of the main issues these vans have is the SADS coupling wearing out (as expected after 20+yrs).

    The SADS (axillary drive shaft) has 2 couplings on each side. The rubber parts go bad causing vibration.

    Since I bought my van non running (blown head gasket) condition, I have not experienced a bad SADS during vehicle use.

    After I bought the van, I was ...
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