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  1. Electrical System Problem

    Hi everyone,
    This is my very first post, on my very first day @ this forum

    Looking for much needed expert advice on my van's electrical system. The alternator ( Denso) started to malfunction ( Became really hot & drained the battery), took it to an auto electrician. Armature, diode plate & regulator got replaced ( with brand new parts). Put it back in and still battery light won't light up in Dashboard. Can mail pics if in need to diagnose. Thx in advance.
  2. Head Gasket Replacement

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the toyota van life, but am all over it. I just bought an '87 2wd Pop-Top van a few weeks ago for $500! TOTAL STEAL! It had an overheating problem that I thought I had fixed but turns out it is in need of a head gasket replacement. I'm going to be doing this job myself, as it is much cheaper than having a shop do it. I have never done this before, let alone on such a quirky vehicle. But I think I can handle it. If there is any advice or a link to a step by step thread I ...
  3. Oil light comes on when engine has been running for a bit even when full?

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    Hi Van folks,

    I have an 84 with 276k on it. She's aged pretty gracefully but there are some issues that have come up.
    1) The oil light comes on when the engine has been running for a while, even though the dipstick reads full. The light doesn't stay on consistently, it'll go off when I hit a bump or go around a corner. I'm thinking it's my oil sensor, but have yet to locate where that is...?

    2) Found a crack in my radiator after beginning the process of flushing
  4. no overdrive

    I have owned my van for about a year but haven't had the time of driving it or working on it until now. The van runs and drives fine except one thing the transmission isn't going into overdrive. It has a button on the shifter to turn it off and I tried pushing it and nothing changes. Any opinion?
  5. Test

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    I don't have access to a Previa manual but I know the Van and Previa cases are very similar. My Van manual says the companion flange nut is torqued to 90 ft lbs and it is staked. Again, it should NOT have come loose.