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  1. A340 Transmission...

    When my motor was being rebuilt, I had this idea of bringing the transmission to an ATRA shop to look it over. My mentality was that it was out and mind as well get it done. Timing of getting to the mechanic shop was never feasible, but it was mentioned that they will service the transmission.

    So the transmission was serviced with an AT kit with new seals/gaskets.

    Now, I didn't really press for it because people have told me the transmission is that of a supra, so it was ...
    Rebuild the egg
  2. Recent CEL codes--- cleared


    I expected the EGR code to go away after the passage was cleaned. So no biggie on that.

    But I kept getting heated 02 sensor and I kept thinking it was the older one. Well, I look at it and found that the upstream sensor was new.

    During my oil change, I looked under the driver side where I had done some of the EGR stuff and I found a tiny hose was loose and I would reconnect it, but it was easy to pull off. So I got a newer hose clamp and tighten it ...

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  3. EGR system - cleaning write up

    Quote Originally Posted by cvtroger View Post
    So I followed the pictures and steps that these resources offered.

    The parts I ordered:

    For under the hood:

    Fram G15 inline filter - did this for the flakes going into the ventilation tube.

    2 small hose clamps for the filter.

    Throttle body gasket - 22271-76020

    IAC valve rubber gasket - 22215-76010 - gasket between the IACV and Throttle body

    IAC valve screws (set of 4) - 21821-25180 - holds the IACV to the
  4. Howdy guys anybody Recommend any Mechanics in LA woodland Hills area?

  5. Interiors! Who's got em and hows it look?

    Hey, i recently bought my first Toyota van, 1988 4wd. The interior was this nasty torn up grey burlap material, so i tore it all out. The ceiling was easy enough but the walls were a mess. Even after scrapping as much as i can off theres still sticky orange insulation stuff on it.

    anyway, Does anyone have any cool custom interiors they can post pics of?? and does anyone know if theres a company that sells interiors for these vans??