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Replacing a Previa head gasket.

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There's a guy over on the yahoo Previa group that made a nice write-up on doing the job with the engine "sort of installed". I attached a PDF of his procedure to this post. I say "sort of installed" because you nearly need to remove the engine to get the access you need. IMHO, if you go to that much trouble you're almost there. Get the thing out in the open where you can have ample access to do the job without complications. There will likely be other things that need attention and then there's gasket clean-up etc. Of course I'm a bit lazy and would rather be sitting in a chair in my garage working on the engine than bent over hanging through an access hole. Having room to swing tools without restriction is worth mentioning too. When it comes right down to it I believe the time you save by avoiding complete removal will be lost by the limited access.

Of course this is all talk based on assumptions (as I never seriously considered doing the job without complete removal). If you're not sure then start doing it his way (everything he outlines has to be done regardless of which way you choose). When you get to the part of removing the intake re-assess the situation and make your final decision then. Tim

Hey Tim.......John here from big CO country! Hope you're still in the Prev business. I finally recovered from all my skiing and eye injuries and am back to putting my '92 Prev back together. I decided to rebuild the engine after an ignorant partial tear down to get the cracked head off. I read all the blog posts in the engine head forum but didn't quite come across an answer to my dilemma.

When I took the original factory head bolts off (owned since new) I threw them aside, almost lost, only to discover them maybe in the nick of time. I found them to have a washer with them and when I went to install the new head with new bolts I was following the official Toy manual to the 'T' saying nothing about installing a washer It only said to wet torque them which I did. All ten torqued just fine and they didn't come with washers either. Everything else I've come across says nothing about washers. What in your experience is the answer or your opinion. You've rebuilt these engines? Have any broke or went bad after some time and miles WITHOUT head bolt washers? I've gotten conflicting opinions on this. Does the extra few millimeters of torque spread out with the washers on the aluminum head matter? I haven't run the engine yet, it's still out and nearing completion.

Would really appreciate any guidance or info.....thanx much!

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