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  1. We get a lot of new and potential TVP members migrating here to TVT. It's partly because they have their site set-up for manual account activation. The trouble with that is their admin are not active, so it may take weeks or even months for them to do it. I'm sure they'll eventually get around to it, but by then most give up. Even after activation many new TVP members report a similar issue with posting. I believe it's due to a control panel setting that requires their admin to moderate posts made by new members. Unfortunately this means you will need to wait again (similar amount of time) before your posts will show-up on the forum. Sorry, but I no longer have any affiliation with that site. My account there was gutted when Gwen & I started TVT. If it's any consolation you are always welcome to post here without restriction or delay. Welcome to TVT!
  2. Tim, TVP is not letting me join their site. Something about being activated. As I've already registered. Any ideas about how to contact an administrator or someone to authorize me? Thanks A lot. Tito
  3. If it only happens when it's wet outside, then I'd suspect the rubber gasket that goes between the distributor and the distributor cap (damaged or missing). On our vans there are 2 parts. Toyota part #19127-63010 & #19127-63020. Tim
  4. Wow! So happy to find this fourm. I have a 1988 Tyota van. It runs great except for when there is moisture outside. It will idle and rev fine in park but put it into gear and it wants die. Or it does die. If I can get it rolling, it still sputters pretty bad until I drive it for a while. If I have to stop (stop sign), same process. Exceleration wants to make it die. I have to rev it up a bit and jam it into drive to get it to go. This is very bad. Anybody els. TPI sensor maybe?
  5. BooBoo, there are lots of threads in the forum area that explain how to troubleshoot a starting issue. Just use the search feature in the upper right hand corner of every forum page. Here's one to help get you started: If you're unable to do these tests yourself, you might need to get help from a shop or somebody who is mechanically inclined. Tim
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    Tim or anyone please tell me if the ignition coil or the ignition module will keep the van from starting I have done all to this 85 van and at a blank now
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    yes is there something like a fuel module that would make the van keep dying. Finally with all the help I got this far thank you all but please help an old lady out
  8. Hi Booboo, these vans have a "wrap around" intake manifold that splits in the middle. The injectors are nestled in the bottom half of the intake manifold right next to the cylinder head. This is actually one of the things I dislike about the van. Injectors are not easy to access & the intake manifold needs to be "split" in order to get to them. Fortunately these are pretty reliable injectors, but after 30 years even reliable things fail. Tim
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    can you tell me where the fuel injectors are on a 1985 Toyota van
  10. Hi cvtroger, Welcome to TVT! I just posted a response to this in the Previa Tech forum. Here's a quote of my post:

    "Yes, this is what makes forums awesome (sharing this type info). It is very possible there are aftermarket parts that rival Toyota in quality, but I personally don't know of any. Hopefully somebody will chime in here with a good experience. I do know there's a German manufacturer that has recently flooded the market with all sorts of bushings. They are too new to know how these will hold up, but somebody needs to be the guinea pig........right? The company is Febest and their part number for this is TDS-LCB. The price is good (possibly too good). here's a link to them on Amazon: Please let us know what you try and keep us updated on how they hold up. Thanks. Tim

    PS: The Febest couplers don't have any reviews yet on Amazon, but I did a search of their other products and found generally good reviews. People are saying things like "better than OEM".

    Edit: One thing worth noting is Febest doesn't acknowledge a difference between the earlier and later SADS shafts. In their description they simply say year range 90 - 99. Obviously these will only fit one of the two shaft designs. I suspect they are for 94 & up shafts. If anybody buys these, please measure and let the rest of us know.
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4yec Engine Rebuild part 13

by timsrv on 01-03-2014 at 07:30 AM
Lifters, Head Installation, & Valve Train Assembly

The 4y utilizes self adjusting hydraulic lifters. There are pros & cons to different styles of lifters. Hydraulic lifters get a bad rap in some circles, but from the standpoint of low maintenance and easy set-up they are the best. Each lifter has a smaller diameter "groove" machined around the periphery (about in the middle) and this groove aligns with an oil supply hole in it's bore. Oil pressure from the

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4yec Engine Rebuild part 12

by timsrv on 05-26-2012 at 01:37 AM
Oil Pump, Rear Main Seal, & Oil Pan

Surprisingly enough, my rebuild kit included an Aisin oil pump .

Installing the oil pump is easy. Simply push into place, install the single bolt, and torque to 13 ft lbs.

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4yec Engine Rebuild part 11

by timsrv on 05-25-2012 at 12:59 AM
Timing Chain & Gears

The timing chain vibration damper is installed and torqued to 13 ft lbs.

Camshaft thrust plate is lubed up and installed. Bolts are torqued to 13 ft lbs.

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4yec Engine Rebuild part 10

by timsrv on 05-24-2012 at 01:46 AM
Camshaft & Timing Cover

A special EP (Extreme Pressure) grease with moly (molybdenum) is highly recommended for breaking in new camshafts & lifters. Moly is an additive that bonds itself to the metal surfaces. Even when the the grease is squeezed off the lobes, a very thin film of moly remains behind to protect the moving parts. This lube can be found at most auto parts stores.

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4yec Engine Rebuild part 9

by timsrv on 05-03-2012 at 06:24 PM
Assembly - Piston & Rod installation

Being careful to not over-expand ring or scratch piston, install the oil expander ring on #1 piston. Note: Unless you have expander rings designed to prevent overlap, be very careful to insure ends of expander ring do NOT overlap.

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