I will demonstrate dash disassembly on a 93 Previa. I know from experience that 91 - 93 Previas are the same, but unsure of anything newer as I've not worked on one yet. I suspect 94 & up are the same in these areas.....or at least very similar, but I don't know this for sure. If anyone reading this knows of anything different, please let me know by posting here in this thread. Okay, here's the procedure for 91 - 93 Previa dash disassembly:

Using a small screw driver, pry out one of the hinges to the change tray, then open it and it will come off.

Remove the ash tray.

Pull the wires from the lighter assy, then remove the black plastic cover piece.

A 90 deg scribe works well to release the plastic hooks.

Push the metal part of the assy out from behind.

Use your scribe to release the plastic hooks, then remove the white plastic part.

The plastic garnish will pull off now. Do not twist or change angles. Grab it firmly and pull straight toward you.

Remove these 4 screws, then the drink tray and frame assy will come out. It's a tight fit, but play around trying different angles and it will come out when you find the right ones.

Take out these 2 screws.

Find the hidden latch, and remove the top center dash / fuse box cover.

Remove these 2 screws.

Remove the radio and fascia assembly.

Okay, now that you got the radio out, the rest is pretty easy. Next comes the instrument panel hood. There's only 2 screws holding it on and 5 "push in / pull-out" style fasteners. Take out the screws:

After the screws are out, the only thing holding it are the 5 push-in / pull-out type fasteners. There are these 3 bumps on the hood

and they go into these 3 holes in the dash panel

The other 2 are here by the heater duct.

All you need to do (after you pull the 2 screws) is grab a hold of the hood and yank. It should pop right out. Just be careful to pull straight so you don't tweak the heat duct section. Sometimes you need to carefully loosen this area with a knife as to avoid damage while yanking out.

After you get the instrument hood off, if you need to go further, it shouldn't be a problem as all remaining fasteners are pretty obvious and easy to figure out. Tim