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Thread: 1999 Toyota Hiace (RZH113R) 2.4i - How to Remove/Replace Alternator?

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    1999 Toyota Hiace (RZH113R) 2.4i - How to Remove/Replace Alternator?

    Hi all
    Hope this is the right place to ask

    I have a 1999 Toyota Hiace (RZH113R) Petrol 2.4i Van
    After replacing all the belts in the engine bay the Alternator has started screaming.
    I suspect a bearing, although it was strange the noise started the second the belts were replaced.
    The high pitched noise varies as revs vary.

    It was a hell of a job to replace the Alternator Belt.
    So removing and replacing the Alternator is going to be even harder.

    Can anyone here share some advise on this job?

    Thank you

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    Re: 1999 Toyota Hiace (RZH113R) 2.4i - How to Remove/Replace Alternator?

    Salty - Your rig is significantly different than average bear, so there is little most of us can offer, maybe pictures would help??

    That said, given that you just changed belts and now have a noise, first revisit everything you did before jumping to conclusions.

    Perhaps the alternator belt is just too tight and the bearings dislike the load, or it could be too loose or the tensioner could indeed be bad.
    It's even possible that you don't have the belts correctly seated in the pulleys, hard to know without being there.

    Anytime you replace belts you should check the tensioner pulleys, only takes a second to spin, feel and listen.

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