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1991 Toyota Lite Ace FXV
27 - 32 mpg
2 liter turbo diesel - Toyota 2C-T engine
4X4 - with transfer case; High and low range 4wd
Odometer: (+/-)179,000 kilometers /112,500 Miles
Automatic Transmission
Skylite high roof - "pop-latch" windows open - 6 inches of extra head room
New highway tires on 14 inch wheels
Interior curtains
2nd row seats swivel 270 degrees and have factory seat belts for all facing directions
Seats fold into bed
Pitch/Roll meters on dashboard


Legally imported from Japan
R.H.D. - Right Hand Drive
J.D.M. - Japanese Domestic Market: This model was only released in Japan with this engine and body style.

Recent maintenance:
- Full top-end gasket kit installed
- New Head Gasket
- Fuel injectors serviced
- New glow plugs
- New timing belt, tensioner and idler pullies
- New water pump full kit
- New engine temperature gauge
- Turbo inlet/outlet cleaned
- Brakes serviced
- All fluids changed
- Engine looks beautiful and runs like a top!

- Vehicle has been professionally inspected for mechanical issues

Issues with vehicle:
- Decals on exterior have flaked away from paint
- Minor scratches and Small dent on drivers side.
In short, this is an adventure van that meets all of the reliability requirements that a person needs when exploring. Fuel efficient, four wheel drive vans are hard to come by because the U.S. hasn't released many stock vehicles with this many capabilities over the past few decades. Japanese culture revolves around their outdoor terrain and marine climate which demands a vehicle that can handle dirt roads, snow and ice. The turbo diesel engine whistles softly and uses little fuel. The van's fuel consumption averages just under 30 mpg with off-road , highway, and city use all taken into account. There's plenty of room for two people to sleep with the seats down so its ready for your first camping trip. It can easily be converted to a simple camper with all of the amenities.


"Is it weird driving on the right side of the vehicle?" - At first, it seems odd but you'll get used to it quickly. Remember that your blind spot is to your right, not your left, and you need to hug the right shoulder of the road, not the center line.

"Is it hard to perform maintenance and find parts?" - These engines are simple as far as engines go yet you'll have to find a diesel mechanic in your area that's willing to work on a JDM vehicle. As for parts, I can personally source parts for you or show you some websites that you or your mechanic can use on your own.

"Is it legal to have this type of vehicle registered in the States?" - Yes. All of the appropriate paperwork for this vehicle has been filed through U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and the State of Idaho.

"Will it pass emissions?" - Yes it will pass, without a doubt, in its current condition!