Hi, I'm having some issues with the key and ignition barrel on my 2007 Hiace. First of all, the lock/unlock buttons on my key aren't working but the LEDs are still lighting up. I thought this could have been a battery issue but I've recently changed the battery and it's still not working. I rang up a Toyota dealer for advice and they said they could have a look at changing the battery themselves (and for free) in case somehow I've done it wrong somehow but I can't see how that's possible.

I can put any key into the barrel and turn the ignition on and crank the engine, but since the engine doesn't start, the immobiliser must be working. Although my ignition barrel must be very worn! I'm thinking perhaps that there's been a new (second hand) lock-set installed and that the key has been re-programmed for the immobiliser and not the remote locking. I've gone through a few procedures for matching the key to the vehicle but none of them have worked so far. When I turn the ignition on but not start the van, I can take the key out and the ignition stays on. Is this something that other Hiace owners can do? I can even crank the engine by inserting my house key into the very end of the barrel and turning it.

I'm a bit confused at what I can do now so any help would be appreciated. Toyota are asking for 50 quid just for an inspection so I'm hoping this is something trivial I can do myself! I must add that my central locking is working and I just use the key manually to unlock the van.