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  3. hello all, introduce my van
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  19. Road Trip Woes
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  21. Igniter 125Pu
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  24. Custom License Plate and Custom 4WD Badge
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  26. Oil filter Union gasket???
  27. Oil filter Union gasket???
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  30. 1990 Townace 4x4 turbo Diesel 5spd burning lots of oil :(
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  37. Injection Pump
  38. Collector Car Insurance
  39. Wheel offset for 1981 Hiace and fuel injectors rebuild / replacement (2.2L L diesel)
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  42. Oil in intake.
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  62. 2C-T head gasket shop time? (anybody have this done before)
  63. Average speed in LiteAce
  64. Radiator re-core price for 2C-T?
  65. I am getting ready 2 put 2c in my gas 89 4x4
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  84. 1995 super custom
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  90. Fan Bracket
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  95. anyone know someone that can help me get 89 diesel town-ace running in the PNW?
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  102. Central Texas JDM Mechanic
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  120. Engine swap
  121. anyone know a mobile mechanic in the PNW? couldnt get fuel line back on after rebuild
  122. egr valve and inlet manifold clean
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  124. anyone know where the ground is on a 3C-T
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  128. Clutch Fluid Reservoir 1991 Liteace
  129. how to do the waterpump and timing belt on a 3c-t (2ct will be the same)
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