View Full Version : Why doesn't this forum work on the Tapatalk App?

04-20-2016, 09:09 AM
To my surprise I can't get Toyota Van Tech to come up on Tapatalk. Is there a way to submit it or set that up? It would be very helpful for being able to access the forum resources while out on the street at my van and on the go.

Thanks gang!

04-20-2016, 11:45 AM
I had to google it just to find out what it is. I'm sure I could muddle through and enable it, but wanted to get everyone's opinion before doing anything. My concerns may be unfounded, but I'm a bit weary of anything that allows people to post while doing other things. I want our members to search the forum and think things through before posting. I'm concerned the end result would be a bunch of garbage posted by inattentive and/or distracted members.

Anybody else know anything about this? Any interest from other members?

04-20-2016, 12:27 PM
Tim I think I'm a lot like you in regards to tech savvyness. I'm unfamiliar with tapatalk but it pops up when I've tried to look at other forums at which point I close it and go the old fashion way. I have the same feelings of random posts of useless nonsense a la Facebook. If I wanted to waste my time reading status updates and listening to people whine about their terrible lives or trying to bait me into asking them about their terrible lives I can get on my wife's Facebook page or, god forbid, create my own. Now, I'm not saying this is what will happen, but I share your concerns. It is is after all toyotavanTECH. That's what I come here for. To share and learn with like minded people. Did I make my distaste for Facebook obvious enough? If not, I could try harder. LOL That's my $.02 :)>:

04-20-2016, 01:35 PM
Lol, I hear ya. Some of my relatives can't believe I've never joined facebook. When they email me they say "you really need to get on facebook". I just say "yeah, I'll have to do that", but in reality I have no interest in sharing that part of my life with the whole world...........let alone potentially giving attorneys all the ammunition they would need to bury me if I ever screw-up. Lol

Anybody else have an opinion on tapatalk :LOL2:

04-20-2016, 02:08 PM
I like the idea of the forum being focused on the technical side. There are a couple of sections that allow for us to "chat" and talk about fun or off topic things and that is enough for me.

04-21-2016, 07:08 PM
I joined other forums for each of my other vehicles to see if I can learn a few things and I must say the other Forums are mostly a bunch of chit chat, and loaded with comments attacking other users seeking help. After that, the needy just drop offline resulting in very little problem solution actually going on. I find myself having to filter through allot of unnecessary comments that should never have been allowed or at least be monitored more. Allot of my time is in fact spent getting past the babble to get to the real meat if at all! TVT really stays informative and respectful. The pictures really tell the story and seem to seperate this site from allot of the others. It has been a real interesting learning site. Motivating at times but mostly just plain ole interesting to say the least! It's a complete package, the real deal, the...maybe its the vans?:shock: Or the van people? :yes:

04-22-2016, 02:00 AM
Thanks guys! Gwen & I really appreciate the feedback. Nice to know those who commented are in agreement. It's all of you that make the forum informative & enjoyable :yes:. Tim

04-22-2016, 08:53 AM
I hear your concerns and I completely agree. I use the forums for technical support, not a social outlet.

Do any of you currently use the ToyotaVanTech forum from your mobile phones? I've reluctantly started using the Facebook group out of mobile convenience, but it comes with so much garbage chit chat and it's difficult to search the content for previously posted useful information.

Tapatalk is just an app that accesses your forums and makes it easier to navigate and add photos from your phone. I'm working on an Airstream restoration and we use it all the time with Airforum to post updates of our re-engineering design and field questions. Same with when I was selling parts off my BMW motorcycle on ADV Rider, you can follow threads and manage private messages easily.

I live in an apartment so I can't use my computer right next to my van, being able to access the resources of the ToyotaVanTech forum from my phone would be extremely valuable.

It's easy to search topics and content from the app and you'd be able to hold the same standards that already exist on the forum. How are posts currently moderated?

Please take a closer look at what Tapatalk does and re-consider it.



04-22-2016, 11:17 AM
I'll leave this thread open and we'll see how/if others respond. If members start leaning towards tapatalk I'd be willing to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion. Tim

04-23-2016, 12:51 AM
I strictly use my ios to view and post to TVT and I find it to be absolutely easy! No problems uploading, viewing,or searching through forum whatsoever. IOS enables me Portablity as well as mobilility. I rarely use my laptop or desktop anymore...plus Im not real up to speed as far as TapTalk is concerned but I do know this forum works great. The functionality, the presentation, the organization, great, however, if it can be improved upon without sacrificing membership, viewership, and content, then great. :thmbup:

However, I do see allot of advertising and popups in other forums and that tends to become pesty. It becomes Hard to stay focus on issues at hand when its all popping up at you...Ill definitley look up this taptalk thingy for sure though. :?:
But I tend to shy away from all the newest forms of social networking etc. heck I still write letters and make phone calls!:doh: