View Full Version : ANyone else getting wierd Private Messages-bots?

08-13-2017, 10:04 AM
Got this in my in box:
Bai tap Kegel cuabikerjosh giup tang "chuyen ay" 100% (http://www.toyotavantech.com/forum/private.php?do=showpm&pmid=13564)

emcondzin (http://www.toyotavantech.com/forum/member.php?4028-emcondzin)

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You have received a new private message at ToyotaVanTech Forums from emcondzin, entitled "Bai tap Kegel cuabikerjosh giup tang "chuyen ay" 100%".

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08-13-2017, 11:02 AM
Yes, he has been dealt with. Something looked fishy when he 1st became a member so we restricted his posting abilities. I was unaware that members with restrictions could still PM (now I know). I banned him completely late last night after getting other complaints.

It's sometimes hard to walk the line of being open to everybody except spammers. Sometimes they make it through and/or find other ways to exploit the site. If anybody ever has problems with this sort of thing please don't hesitate to PM me, llamavan, or JDM VANMAN. Any one of us would be happy to nuke their stupid asses.
:nuke: :pound:

PS: I edited your post above to remove/disable his spam links. Tim

08-13-2017, 11:22 AM
Thanks, for the heads up.

08-13-2017, 01:20 PM
I was able to find a a way to limit the number of PMs for the members we decide it's necessary to keep an eye on and/or restrict. It won't completely prevent the problem, but it sure will slow the spammers down a LOT.

As Tim says, if you or anyone else ever has problems with this sort of thing, please don't hesitate to PM me, timsrv, or JDM VANMAN.