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12-18-2017, 01:19 PM
Is there a way to "bookmark" or "Favorite" a thread and/or post in order to go back to it without an exhaustive re- search/read? For example: bookmarking a couple of posts pertinent to 4wd radiator within a long thread about overheating.
Thank you

12-18-2017, 02:13 PM
The forum software doesn't have a direct way to do those things, but it does allow you to (1) subscribe to a thread and (2) email [yourself] a link to the thread. Both of those options are under the "thread tools" menu tab (first tab in the tool bar above the first post).

If a particular thread only has some information pertinent to what I'm working on, I'll copy-and-paste the stuff I think I'll need to a new document on my computer (which is then always accessible, even if my internet goes down or photos disappear ala photobucket).


12-18-2017, 03:36 PM
Why not just use the bookmark feature in your browser..?

Open the thread and save the bookmark... keep the names unique.


12-18-2017, 06:16 PM
Bookmarking within the forum would allow me to do it on my desk top at home and access it from my Ipad or phone from the road. The email way is the way I have been doing it so far as I can find it back in my G mail account, but that is one extra search or extra filling for each device and I have to admit, I'm not the best at keeping good and organized records :rolleyes: Also I still have to find a way to Email myself a link to individual post or posts. Yep it's that bad :yes:.