View Full Version : 1984 toyota van for project or parts in Edmonton

08-01-2018, 02:46 PM
1984 Toyota van.
Has been well loved.
Has been sitting for a few years after being badly over heated when I tried to nurse it home and then discovered a belt had broken. The oil was black and it started after cooling but had a k-thunk knocking sound. I drove it around the block to the back parking pad and parked it.

It is complete except for starter and I think the alternator was taken off but it might still be there. When I went to remove it I found it was really worn out and I can't remember if I took it off or left it.

There is some body rust.

I have a spare engine that I pulled from my former parts van. It was runnning ok when I drove the parts van here. It didn't seem to have great power but I think was as strong or stronger than motor in the complete van.

The front cabin fan wasn't working, I have a spare one.

I am open to reasonable offers from someone who either wants to do a project or wants a parts car for their van.

I also have a 86 or 87 that just needs the timing chain properly set and a new battery. It seems good otherwise, although the driverside body panel between the front wheel well rusted out along the bottom.

01-14-2019, 01:17 PM
i need a 4x4 front axle with the auto trans diff ratio.are these 4x4?im in Montana.