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11-09-2018, 03:47 PM
Suggested information to include in all ads for best results:

Photos (check out this instructional thread (https://www.toyotavantech.com/forum/showthread.php?6265-Posting-photos-on-TVT) about posting photos.

We suggest posting photos of the interior and exterior, and also detail photos of any notable damage
VIN number
Year and model
Transmission type (manual or automatic)
2WD, 4WD or AWD
Recent service and repairs
Repairs and service still needed
Extras (ie, spare parts that are included with the van)

TVT strongly suggests that no identifying personal information that would allow a viewer to physically locate the advertiser, particularly license plate numbers, appear in the photos.

Any time information changes, such as a new selling price or new repairs / issues, use the "reply to thread" button to add those so that your ad will go to the top of the "For Sale" forum. Editing your original post will not do this, and nobody will notice that you changed the ad.

When your Van sells, please use the "reply to thread" button and write SOLD. TVT members definitely appreciate when you can include other information, such as "sold to a forum member" or "sold in less than 12 hours" or "sold on eBay for $______" Admin will then close and archive your Ad thread in the SOLD Archive subforum, and your ad content will no longer be available to anyone who is not a TVT member in good standing.

Make sure you don't miss any inquiries about your Van!

Any replies to your ad, and all Private Messages (PMs) through TVT will generate an email notification. Check the email you used to sign up for TVT regularly or you will miss out on potential buyers!

Keeping your ad active

Feel free to "bump" the ad by replying to your thread not more often than 90 days, but definitely before 6 months are up. Some vans do sell very quickly; others have narrower appeal, but WILL generate interest if people know your ad is still active.

Ads older than 6 months posted by an active forum member will only be deleted after (1) OP request or (2) nonresponse to Admin inquiry about ad status

The following will be deleted without notice:

Ads with expired links and with no photos or information about the Van for sale
Ads with unanswered member inquiries
Ads older than 6 months posted by any member with fewer than 10 posts whose final post is that ad, or is contained within that ad

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best of luck in finding your Van it's next home from all of us at TVT!


01-28-2019, 09:50 PM
Thanks for this post. I'm trying to edit my title to change the price but I can't find the edit "button"- is there a time limit on editing or am I just not seeing the edit? I don't want to hijack the for sale section by starting a new thread every time I edit. Thanks.

01-28-2019, 11:37 PM
Titles can only be edited by Mods and Admin; there is also now a time limit on post editing (because some jerk edited all the text out of all his posts). So ...

(1) Add a new post to your "for sale" thread with the new price. This will "bump" the post, and it will show up for anyone who searches "new posts", getting maximum exposure for you.

(2) In that post, ask for a mod to change the title to reflect the new price. We're on here all the time, checking new posts (well, I am) and it's a quick fix. Don't worry about being a pest.


01-28-2019, 11:45 PM
Well it makes sense when you put it like that. Ok thanks for the info Gwen.