View Full Version : 1985 Toyota Van for parts. 2WD. $271

12-18-2018, 07:20 PM
I'm selling my van. It was good to me, but I wasn't good to it. I'm sorry. Maybe someone can make better use of it than the scrap metal dealers around here^

It's located in Bishop, CA.

- Somewhere between 300k and 400k miles*
- Doesn't start - head gasket went in the spring of 2017**. Last time it ran was autumn 2018, but apparently hasn't been able to start since.
- I hit a rock and put a hole in the transmission oil pan in 2016, but got it fixed and did a couple thousand miles since then, so I don't think there was any major damage.
- Asking price is required to replace the title that got eaten by rats***. (DMV insist that I pay an Oakland city parking ticket for a SECOND time before they'll issue a new title).

Van is in West Bishop. Buyer will need to move it.

* The odometer stopped working a while ago, and it's been in storage so I forget what it reads.
** maybe sooner, but that's when it actually started to overheat if I drove it for more than 10 minutes.
*** Maybe it was mice. I never actually saw them. They might still be in the van.
^ Actually the scrap metal dealers won't take it without a title, and I'm not going to spend $271 to be able to give the vehicle away.

12-23-2018, 07:35 PM
any interest in selling just the transmission?

12-24-2018, 01:11 AM
I mostly just want the van gone. I'm currently paying a friend to keep it in his yard and his neighbours are starting to complain. I talked to the local scrap metal merchant and they won't take it without a title (see: rats and parking fine).

That being said, maybe if you want to buy the transmission it might cover the cost of a new title. What's it worth? Are you able to come take it out? Are you sure you wouldn't just like the whole van?*

Full disclaimer on the transmission: in September 2016 I hit a rock in the mountains above Bishop and put a hole in the transmission oil pan. I didn't realise immediately, but about a mile later the van started shifting funny so I killed the engine and took a look underneath and discovered what I had done. I got the van towed to Bishop where I had the oil pan replaced. I was watching the mechanic do the work, and when he took the oil pan off a small dent was visible in one of the metal pipes running along the bottom the the transmission. Didn't look major. He put the new oil pan on and I did a bunch more miles (over to Yosemite and Oakland and back and some more trips into the mountains) on the van without any apparent problems, so I it seems no significant damage was done.

* California has some interesting abanonded vehicle laws which appear to make it easier to get rid of a vehicle if it has not transmission, so this might help me out anyway...