View Full Version : 1986 LE van + 88 panel delivery Victoria British Columbia

08-31-2019, 02:43 PM
Located in Victoria BC

1986 LE, 5spd standard, 4ye engine ( bullet proof ), seats 7.
397k, ( kilometers... is 246k miles ) runs very well.
little rust ( rockers good)
full interior in mainly good shape apart from well worn driver's seat where you slide yer butt in and out, headliner good
dash and stuff is ok
New rear brakes/cylinders 0 miles, front shocks ( 2 years ), front brakes ( 1 summer useage ) and other stuff. Locks and slider work.
Good tires, set of Supra mags available
Have been using as a summer driver for last several years but never fired er up this year.. Would not hesitate to take it up to Prince George through the Duffy Lake pass (as I did before ) after a quick belts/hoses check and prolly and oil change..
Would be a slam dunk driving resto project
Comes with a more or less complete
1988 panel delivery auto
735 + k ( !!!! ).... and she purrs, but needs head gasket. Radiator currently out and prepped for engine or head pull ...will need to be towed out
Good auto trans ( A45DL ), good rear end, latches trim and all that
two crappy seats, but no interior to speak of, dash/instruments good.
driver's side rockers need done and there are a few dents, but rear door is rust free ( but has dent) and side slider is slick
Picked this one up as a project and for the plethora of spares held within...it could indeed be an semi ambitious ( more time consuming than difficult ) resto project or a trove of parts to sell...
which are ( among other things )

bnib front rotors
bnib pads, shoes
alternator, starter
bnib master and slave cylinders
auto van peddle assembly ( complete )
standard van peddle assembly ( complete )
rack and pinion assembly
tilt steering column
spare signal lamps, brake lamps, headlamp housings
2 good radiators
2 spare front doors with glass,
complete window package ( apart from windshield )
intake manifold,
trims, latches
Supra mags ( + adapter lugs ), 2 rears with nice meats on 'em, new fronties needed before ya slap em on
bins of relays, a wiring harness ( for somebody else other than this guy to navigate ), fusebox
interior bits and bobs
extra tires and rims, probably some multifit mags around here
both spare tire carriers are good
period correct radio, period correct cassette deck, more head units available.
Chilton manual... not as easy to read as the Haynes but more informative ( imho )
sure there is more..

This guy has too many ideas, too many projects that never get attended to ( no proper space 🙁 ), and simply a lack of drive ta do the resto thang again...
I would love to keep em but the reality of no proper space ( a garage in which to tinker ) realllllly gets in the way.

Will sell silver panel delivery with whatcha need to make it go plus any stuff I don't want for the golden van for cheapish ( that tranny alone is worth some $$ ),
will sell with along with the LE driver for not as cheap.... but WILL NOT sell the golden driver on its own.

Pics are for reference, the silver panel has full front end that I pulled off to play ( all there ) with door pins and a retweak of a dent, More pics available on request ( and with time...me busy ).

Take them both ! Drive one and sell off the hoard of parts after taking the gravy ! Haven't really set a price yet so I am willing to entertain offers, come over and have a brew and we can chat, NOT selling off parts at this time...

Located Victoria.

As said, am super busy, work long and hard...may take a day or so to get back atcha