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09-26-2019, 03:02 PM
:cnfsd:1987 Toyota Van LE 4x4 Auto

Sad to see her go, but my $, emotions, and physical/mental ability to work on older vehicles has left the building. Sheís taken us to Baja twice, and up and down the OR and CA coasts. Located in Eureka, CA. Asking $2,000,,, but read below before you get too excited. Oh yeah, sheís at 220k miles.

The good stuff:
-2 piece wood over aluminum frame platform. Can use rear portion with front bench, or both sections to create an almost queen size bed. Small Rubbermaid tubs or similar fit underneath.
-Custom 4 core radiator done in Yuba city. Canít remember the shop, but search for posts on this and youíll see what Iím talking about. Also replaced water pump, t-stat, hoses, etc. at the same time. I think this was all about 5 years ago.
-General Grabber AT2 in 27x8.50R14LT with maybe 8k miles on them.
-Bilstein shocks with coil spacers in rear and torsion bars tightened in front.
-Full carpet in decent shape,,, ie; weíve got dogs and camp, so itís not perfect, but itís not thrashed either.
-Stock 2 person front and 3 person rear bench seats and belts included.
-Slider door and latch work.
-Updated Clarion head unit and speakers. Not Bluetooth, but has an Aux port/cable.
-Lots and lots of spare stuff (wonít sell separate unless new van owner doesnít want them).
-Replaced alternator last year.
-Iím sure Iím missing some and will update as I have ďoh yeahĒ moments of clarity.

The Bad and Yucky stuff:
-Transmission started slipping about 8 months ago, so van hasnít been driven much lately and unfortunately canít be driven away from here. Works good enough to do short test drives around the neighborhood.
-Has the usual rust spots at the back window corners.
-Front windshield was siliconed around edges to seal it. Just started to weep last winter, but I havenít touched it up since I havenít been driving it.
-Temp/thermostat control cable has gotten sticky again, so it blows in the middle of cold and hot. But it does blow in the front AND back.


09-27-2019, 12:02 AM
How many miles?

09-27-2019, 12:31 PM
How many miles?

Good catch, thanks. 220k