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sited faith
01-11-2020, 03:37 AM
I have been a Previa driver for 18 years (two vans) and it's with a very heavy heart that I am moving on. Late last year I was following too closely and didn't react in time and I ran into a Tacoma at low speed. The left front above the bumper is crushed in. It might be salvageable. The air bags didn't deploy. It would need a hood, left fender, left headlight, left marker, and grille at a minimum. I would try but I just don't have the bandwidth. I've been looking for a replacement but just inherited a Tahoe, and much to my amazement, am ok with it. So, after some serious soul searching, I am offering my baby to a good Toyota loving home for salvage or parts. You will have a clean title.

Let me tell about my '97. I bought it in 2007 with 102k miles. It's been a California car all its life and there isn't a spec of rust. The odometer now reads 462k (just getting broken-in!). I do a fair amount of driving. The engine is a JDM that I have added 115k miles to. I did the swap myself (and all other maintenance as well). It's a DX 2WD with bench middle seats and rear drums, roof rack, factory receiver hitch, all factory alloys, including spare. Original white paint is still in good shape. I have garaged it from the git go and it's garaged even now. Things I did to it besides the engine swap: Rear bearings/seals, all synthetic fluids (except dot3 brake fluid), Lemdorfer BMW sad bushings, rear coil rubber spacers, Addco rear sway bar, JBL front door speakers, (Infinity subwoofer and JVC head unit that are now in the Tahoe but I have a 3 in 1 from a Tacoma that's included), new factory front cat/flex (original was stolen), acid washed rear cat (last smog amazed the tech--almost unmeasurable NOX and HC), drums and rotors, brake lines, alternator, LED headlights, radiator, inner tie rods, front sway bar bushings, a couple batteries, starter contacts (it has the high current starter), front links and dashmat. Before the crash it didn't leak a drop and used less than a half quart of oil between 10k 0-20W M1 oil changes. Every 100k it got new cap, rotor, spark plugs/wires, and a full trans flush. It got 25 mpg highway. I averaged over 22 mpg year in and year out. Sounds like a lot of maintenance, but over 360k miles, I think it's pretty good. It never left me stranded. The AC was never touched and both front and rear would freeze you out, though it might now be compromised with the wreck. The tires have low miles and the battery is less than a year old.

And wait, there's more. Factory shop manual ('92, but most things are the same), factory '97 electrical wiring manual, extra supercharger (the one on the van leaked oil into the intake and I added 2.5 oz every month, but I never got around to swapping in the one I got on Ebay), new brake pads, extra oversized oil filters, an air filter and probably some other stuff if I do a good job looking.

You can reach me at mhart2@pacbell.net
mike, El Dorado Hills, CA