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01-25-2020, 06:26 PM
I am selling my 1992 Gold Previa Van that just blew a head gasket. It has 164000 original miles, and has been very well cared for. I am the 3rd owner (2nd was my dad), and have all the original records (1992 sale paperwork and everything). This van was running and driving very smooth, I had a lot of work done to it, and it was super reliable for me until now. I've taken it on many adventures, and loved driving it. It was originally purchased in Los Angeles in 92, where the owners used it as a family van. They live across the street from my grandparents. My dad bought it from them 5 years ago and used it in LA for a couple years, and then 2 years ago I brought it up to Spokane WA. <br>
The main things I did to it recently:<br>
new brake pads, all new front brake lines/hoses, calipers checked and adjusted<br>
full tune up<br>
automatic transmission service, including fluid flush<br>
4 new Cooper all season tires (I only put about 5k miles on them, theyre under warranty til 85k)<br>
exhaust leak fix<br>
There are tons of other service records. Everything was working wonderfully, except for the Air Conditioning and the power moon roof, before this head gasket problem. Was running beautifully and quietly, transmission shifts smoothly, great highway driver (20miles/gallon), Cruise control, power locks and windows, power steering, all lights, etc. It has absolutely no rust, as it was in southern California until a couple years ago. Body is straight, all glass is perfect, no chips or cracks at all (except a non leaking crack in moonroof). I replaced the sliding door glass, and its a slightly different tint. I've had trouble with the sliding door latch/ lock. I fixed it once by replacing a spring in the mechanism, then it stopped working again. It is missing the middle captains chairs. All the seats are in great shape, front seats are the most comfortable for road trips of any car i've ever driven! Carpet is in decent shape too.<br>
If you have specific questions please ask. I am putting it out there, seeing if someone wants to either fix it and drive it (could have tons of life left in it!) or use it as a parts car for another Previa.<br>
Make me an offer, or come take a look. Thanks!<br>
I'm trying to upload photos to this post but having a lot of trouble.... help?!

01-25-2020, 06:57 PM
Sorry to hear about your van, read this thread and it should help you uploading your photos-


Good luck:thmbup:


01-26-2020, 12:52 PM
Thank you, i had to resize the photos, and I got a couple to work! Here she is on some adventures