View Full Version : For sale: '95 Previa LE AWD S/C Supercharged - blown head gasket - Seattle

02-10-2020, 07:10 PM
Howdy y'all, I haven't been active on this site in a long time! But I'm still a Toyota Van girl!

I'm ready to get rid of my 1995 Previa AWD S/C ABS. It has a blown head gasket. It has about 353,000 miles on it. I have tons of service records and have continued to invest in the care of this sweetheart for a LONG time, I've owned her over 10 years. When the head gasket blew, it started running warm and didn't make it to overheating before we stopped driving and called a tow truck. It hasn't been run more than a few seconds at a time just for diagnostics since then.

It has a pretty straight body with a small dent in the passenger right quarter panel. It is the "Evergreen" dark green color. It has been keyed.

The interior upholstery and carpet is worn, but not gross or torn up.

It has a nice Pioneer stereo with CD player and an iPod hookup in the glove box.

All power windows work, air conditioning works, it has a sunroof up front, the 4 captain's chairs arrangement (and the middle captain's chairs swivel to face the back 60/40 bench). It has the roof rack system. Good tires and decent brakes on it as well. I'll be adding more pictures to this post soon so I can document the dinged up fender and the worn interior. I have a trailer hitch and bar to install on it that will be included.

Van is located in Lake Stevens, Washington. We're about 30 minutes North of downtown Seattle at a no-traffic time.

VIN: JT3AC24S0S1041720
1995 Toyota Previa LE AWD S/C

I am asking $1000 for this van.