View Full Version : 1984 Toyova Van (California)

07-04-2020, 09:47 PM
1984 Toyota Van
219610 miles
Automatic Transmission
New tires, rebuilt power steering pump, key cylinder, replaced the sliding door outside handle, replaced the entire passenger side back light housing, replaced the license plate light wiring as it was severed, new spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, air filter, 20W-50 oil.
It currently does not pass smog. I think a new catalytic convert will probably make it make it pass.
The bad: The reason it's not passing is it's burning oil. The rings are worn or the valves are messed up. I would fix it but I just don't have a place to lift the car up and have it there for a long time while I learn how to do a rebuild. I'm not willing to pay $4200 to pay someone else to fix it either. But I think it should be fixable.
It's been stolen a few times and I never fixed the passenger side lock, but I have replacement locks. Steering wheel is a bit tweeked, could use a fresh one from pick and pull. Also all the electrical going up into the trunk door is severed except the license plate light.
I have the repair manual, the air conditioner repair manual, and replacement power steering pump hose I didn't use, and some other bits and bobs I'm forgetting.
I'm looking to sell, or get a Toyota truck with a 22R motor.
Thanks hit me up if you're interested.