View Full Version : TLC Special: 1987 4x4 Van Wagon + extra engine. In Fort Collins, CO

Old Paint
07-21-2020, 04:21 PM
Vin: JT4YR34V5H0000586
Manual Transmission; 4x4
$2500 for van + younger engine

I am the 2nd owner of this van. Bought it from a friend who had managed a Firestone dealership when he got it, so it was well maintained from the beginning. His #1 mechanic was a friend from high school, and when I bought it in 2005, I kept the mechanic. As components aged, I've done my best to replace them with Toyota parts, or their equivalent, with an eye to keeping the van forever.
TLC so far:
Idler Puller Bearing, shocks 2005
Rebuild Transmission 2007
Replaced exhaust system. 2008 - 2015
Power Steering service 2015
Rebuild Cooling System. 2015

Next in line would be the gaskets and engine interior, but unfortunately the head gasket blew before I could get to it. Mechanic suggested a younger engine, which we acquired, but then the mechanic lost most of his shop to bad health, and hasn't been able to go forward. My health, too has taken some serious hits, so we are looking for a new home for my baby.
The van was in Northern Colorado since 1987, with a 5 year spell in Hawaii, which contributed to some rust. It was stolen for about a week (and recovered!) in 2010, and the rear door was damaged in the theft. As I've re-rigged it, the door can only be opened from inside.
So. The old engine has 360,000 mies on it, the younger one is at 140,000.
Everything was solid until that gasket went. It might just need a gasket replacement, and will continue fine, but the rest of the engine is 33 years old. No doubt the younger engine will be better...