View Full Version : 1989 4x4 LE Camper in Ashland, Oregon / Parts van?

12-19-2020, 02:28 PM
Trying to recoup my loss here. I just bought this van for 2,350 and had the head done for 2250, and now I’m told there’s a crack in the cylinder sleeve. It runs exactly like it did over 2,000 dollars ago. (Second time I’ve been to a mechanic in 10 years, just my luck...)

I’ve put over $5,500 dollars total into it in just the last month. I can’t afford a new engine for the thing, so I’m hoping someone will be interested in taking what’s left of it off my hands. I’m living out of my vehicle (a short bus, not this) and I was hoping to transition into housing, so I could sell my bus and be a real human for once. Sigh... not this year, apparently. I’m pretty heartbroken about this and I’m in a bad spot so please be reasonable with any offers.

It does run, for what it’s worth. Just poorly. It’s controlling temperature as well—I don’t know if it’ll make it up over the mountains on its own but it’s certainly possible that it could be limped.

Its honestly in pretty poor condition on the inside and out. Nothing catastrophic but little bits and bobs are annoyingly quirkycup holders pop out and seatbelts latch in backwards for instance. I dont know enough about these things to answer many questions but I can certainly try for an interested buyer. If you have ANY INTEREST at all, please contact me and lets talk. Text is best (to start with, my phone just doesnt like new numbers, but Im happy to take phone calls once were ready.)


12-20-2020, 04:44 PM
Gah I forgot pictures!


02-06-2021, 09:44 PM
Might be worth getting a 2nd opinion on the terminal diagnosis.

I say that simply because the cylinders are not "sleeved" as quoted and Toyota blocks are not known for cracking.