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    Re: Idle adjustment question

    MT - I hope your change to ethanol solves your issues but I am a little doubtful.

    All the cars i have seen that had issues due to ethanol required parts replaced prior to running again, and every...

    Burntboot 12-16-2019, 08:07 AM Go to last post

    Re: Idle adjustment question

    Update on Flow meter:

    I built several different divider designs with little to no effect.:no:

    So I pulled up my pants and decide to dissect the flow meter which I did not want to do but......

    MyToy 12-16-2019, 05:00 AM Go to last post

    Please help!

    Was driving on highway yesterday when 86 van popped some kind of fuse or something. Lost gauges on dash, power windows, and overdrive all at the same time. Anyone know what that could be?

    Brett5cent 12-15-2019, 11:26 PM Go to last post
    Cali Cruiser

    Re: Power steering using alot of fluid!

    Just some points to ponder...

    250psi hose that has braided reinforcement is simply overkill for this application. You are replacing a LOW-PRESSURE RETURN LINE. This hose will never see pressure in...

    Cali Cruiser 12-15-2019, 06:12 PM Go to last post

    Re: How concerned should I be about the radiator cracking (pic included)

    I guess there has been claims that mixing some coolants makes it turn into sludge that corrodes and clogs in some areas. I need to decide if I should do a flush before replacing the radiator rather...

    pnwPrevia 12-15-2019, 05:59 PM Go to last post