• Finding and using the Engine Service Connector to access diagnostic codes; troubleshooting the ESC circuit

    On your van the "Check Engine Connector" is among a group of 3 dead-end terminals right behind the air flow meter. It's the medium sized one and the only one with 2 wires going to it. One wire is brown and the other is gray with a black stripe. Here are some pictures of the "check engine connector":

    To check codes you simply need to "jump" the conductors inside this connector with something metallic. I have a test wire I made up with male spade connectors but other things would work. I have used a metal paperclip in a pinch and it worked fine. Once the connector is jumped, make sure all your accessories are turned off and turn your ignition to the "Run" position (do not start).

    Your van is now in the diagnostic mode and the ECU will tell you what is wrong by blinking the "check engine light" in your instrument cluster. Layout of the dash cluster will vary depending on year and model, but the "check engine light" will now look something like this:

    If the light is blinking in an irregular pattern (like above) this means you have one or more trouble codes stored in your ECU. A steady and constant blinking is the ECU telling you everything is fine. For more information on how to read codes CLICK HERE.

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    Got the panel off and my side door opening again! :dance1: For anyone else curious how to remove the door panel, it goes a little something like this:

    Get some needlenose pliers, a philips head...

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    Thank you! I had someone tell me that but I needed to confirm. Appreciate your tesponse!!

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    Re: Help ID this part

    I think it is the temperature sensor that disables the overdrive of the automatic gearbox when the engine is cool.

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    Help ID this part

    Can anyone tell me that the green sensor is below the temp sensor?
    Temp sensor is circled in this pic.


    alexpski 06-08-2023, 08:18 PM Go to last post

    Re: Head Gasket Repair - Parts Checklist

    Oh really? Are mine not original? I honestly have no idea, but on mine the connector is the bosch ev1 connector. I do not have access to another van, to see if it has different injectors/connectors.

    Jan-Willem 06-08-2023, 07:48 AM Go to last post