• Accessing the Van Engine, Part One (Basic access, for checking fluids, belts, etc:)

    Basic access, for checking fluids, belts, etc:

    No tools required!

    First, slide the driver’s seat as far back as it will go and tilt the steering wheel up as far as it will go (not necessary if your van doesn’t have a tilt wheel).

    IMPORTANT! If your van has armrests on the passenger side seat (2nd gen LE vans only), ALSO MOVE THE PASSENGER SEAT FORWARD!

    Lift up the two velcroed flaps in front of the drivers’ side seat:


    On 1st generation (’84 and ’85) vans, you will find two buckles like this, one under each flap:


    AND you will find another of the tension buckles hiding under the carpet here:


    On 2nd-generation (’86-’89) vans, you will find two levers for spring latches:

    Move the levers to the right (passenger side) and carefully try to raise the seat (because the latches don’t always release and the steel loops can and do break if enough force is applied).

    There are only the two latches for the 2nd generation vans.

    Lif the seat and hook it up with the plastic hood hanger (or whatever you want to call it):

    This one is broken and — warning! — somewhat dangerous to work beneath as it will eventually give way. (This part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.)

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