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    Re: oil capacity

    Thanx fer the reply, I picked up the castrol high mile 10-40, I saw thats what Tim was using .....(maybe not the High Mile stuff but 10-40 I think)

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    Re: oil capacity


    Engine Oil
    Grade 1......SL
    Maximum Performance Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic MotorOil (ATMQT) Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ATMQT)
    Drain Interval...

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    Re: oil capacity

    3.7 Quarts

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    oil capacity ?

    ok, probably dumb question .... so I have looked around here fer about 30 mins and have not found the engine oil capacity for my 88 , I am going to change the oil and filter ( filter# 1560133021 was...

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    Re: 4wd members with All/Mud Terrains: What’s your MPG like?

    Fuel tank capacity for the US vans is 15.9 gallons. Both my vans would go 200-250 before I see the light on steady and I will try to get fuel in the next 20 miles though I have on occasion pushed to...

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