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    Re: 1986 2wd Van Midland TX



    shoot an offer. has a salvage title if i dont sell it ill just sell it to a junk yard around here

    hate to get rid of it especially if i...

    Tx86 06-17-2021, 01:03 AM Go to last post

    Re: van hums randomly when warm

    Vacuum in the tank leading to air being drawn in past the loose gasket on top of the tank where the fuel pump goes in? Sort of like blowing up a balloon and stretching out the neck and letting the...

    MarkH 06-16-2021, 04:24 PM Go to last post

    Re: van hums randomly when warm

    It's been my experience that when fuel pumps start to be heard in abnormal ways, its just their way saying "please replace me, before I leave you stranded"

    Burntboot 06-15-2021, 10:11 PM Go to last post

    One of a kind 1988 Toyota boogie van for sale in BC Canada

    $4500 for a fellow member...

    Contact info with Kijiji add.


    With a heavy heart I am posting for sale the 1988...

    darchibald 06-15-2021, 12:36 PM Go to last post

    Re: motor/engine and transmission mounts

    Re your egr issue, hopefully you've fixed the problem by cleaning the passageway. I believe that the passageway gets blocked by carbon at the throttle body when the egr system stops functioning and...

    Jonny 06-14-2021, 11:18 PM Go to last post