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ToyotaVanTech Forum Regulations

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     1. Derogatory, inflammatory, blatantly false or misleading messages intended to cause a forum disruption and/or to provoke other members (i.e. “trolling”) will not be tolerated. Threads or posts will be removed without notice. At the moderator or administrator’s option, the first offense may result in a “troll” warning, but the second offense will always result in account suspension.

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     4. Threads or posts that contain unapproved advertisements or advertisement "spamming" will be removed without notice. Accounts associated with these posts will be suspended.

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           b. Language that is hateful or threatening toward any individual member, or toward any group, race, religion or nationality will not be tolerated.

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           c. Attacks on or harassment of administrators or moderators will not be tolerated.

     3. Posting etiquette: Keep our forum threads viable and valuable as future technical resources.

           a. Post questions and threads in the appropriate forum, and only in that forum. Double postings are not acceptable. Duplicate posts or threads will be moved, combined, or deleted.

           b. Begin a new post (for van-related topics) or send a private message (PM) (for non-van topics) rather than making off-topic posts (“hijacking”) in established threads.

           c. Any post that contains offers of or solicitation for sale or trade of parts, vans, parts vans, and/or services anywhere other than the Classifieds forums may be moved or deleted without notice. Please use private messaging (PMs) for these individual offers and solicitations.

           d. Reference to illegal activities and substances is not permitted.

           e. Posting copyrighted material(s) by anyone other than the copyright owner is not permitted. Although moderators will edit or delete posts that violate copyright, the post author is responsible for ensuring that his or her posted material is solely his or her own, or is used with permission of the copyright owner.

           f. Posting your own email address in the forum is discouraged (we recommend that you instead use a disguised, non-link format such as “yourname (at) domainnamedotcom”). Posting others’ email addresses in the forum without their permission is not allowed.

     4. Advertising: Anyone who may profit financially from shall support the site financially.

           a. Advertising on is only permitted by posting in the Classifieds forums or by purchasing advertising space.

           b. Users may not market their products in any form or include business site links, URLs, email addresses or phone numbers in posts, threads, blogs, user profiles and signatures without prior authorization from the site owners. Such contact information and/or links may be edited without notice.

           c. Off-topic posts combined with any prohibited advertising contacts or links constitutes two violations of the General Rules of Conduct and is grounds for immediate account suspension without warning.