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    Re: maestro123's blown head gasket thread

    Hello all
    Reviving a rather old thread as I prepare to replace a blown HG on my '94 N/A egg. I plan to take Samay's approach and do the work w the motor mostly still in place.
    I've been looking...
  2. Re: ARCHIVED Yahoo Previa File: Annotated Cylinder Head Removal Photos

    Thanks for this great documentation! I am looking to replace my HG in the next 2 wks and this will be very useful. (Also, I've been chatting with Samay and indeed he is a true master!)
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    Re: Previa Dashboard Lights Bulbs

    Has anyone replaced an overdrive light? It appears mine has stopped functioning.
  4. Installing Thule towers on a tin top Prev?

    My LE lacks the sunroof(s) option, and there are no roof rails. I've done a little clicking around and there don't see to be any results on websites for rack retailers nor on Thule's site that...
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    Re: Have Previa - Will Lift

    New to Previa ownership and naturally, I'm interested in mods. Found this build thread recently. A friend of mine in Seattle shared a pic with me yesterday - gotta wonder if this van belongs to...
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    Free: stereo & CD deck from Previa

    Anyone have a need for the OEM stereo/tape deck + CD player? I pulled mine - they both work fine - and can send out if anyone wants them. Paypal me some postage and I can post it to you.
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