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  1. Re: Bought a 1986 Van: Hoping for Help with Initial Diagnostics

    Check for fuel pressure. Make sure there are no vacuum leaks the large intake hose(air cleaner to intake) if it has any cracks at all will cause the issues you speak of.

    Do you have a check...
  2. Re: Help Need a workaround for an NLA Overdrive relay

    Thank you Tim. I am fine with the workaround of just having full time O/D it seems they have gone away from the O/D button on the shifter as I really have not seen that on any Toyota made in the...
  3. Re: Help Need a workaround for an NLA Overdrive relay

    What does that mean? "deleted" Could you elaborate please
  4. Help Need a workaround for an NLA Overdrive relay

    My O/D relay took a crap and so I need to find a work around to get my O/D functioning again since the relay is NLA. Can I jumper wires in the harness that attach to the relay so that I am able to...
  5. Re: 1986 Van Weatherstrip, Windshield still available

    first of all there is no weather strip in the sense of a rubber piece per se but there is molding trim that goes around the glass and that is not available anymore. I recently spoke with a fellow...
  6. Re: 1986 Van Weatherstrip, Windshield still available

    Nope. Long been discontinued and safe lite windshield company no longer supplies windshields for vehicles older than 30 years. So good luck finding a new windshield
  7. Valve Stem Seals On Vehicle Replacement w/o removing the head

    I have heard that you can replace valve stem seals without removing the head but I wonder how you keep the valve from dropping into the cylinder.
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    Re: 1986 with 4YE Wont run

    Why not replace the in tank OEM fuel pump?
  9. Re: 1987 4wd automatic does not want to shift easily

    nope not even close. The cables for the van enter the transmission case and connect internally to the valve body. The cables are only a few mm thick and don't allow for barely any clearances
  10. Re: 1987 4wd automatic does not want to shift easily

    That pioneer one is way to short been there bought that and returned
  11. Re: 1987 4wd automatic does not want to shift easily

    These cables stretch over time and need to be replaced but there are no replacement Throttle cables unfortunately. You may need to get a cable custom made
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    Re: From Hot Soak to Stalling

    Are you sure you swapped the FPR and not the Fuel Pulsation damper? The FPR is on the back of the fuel rail in the rear of the engine and the pulsation damper is in the front of the rail. The reason...
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    Re: Missing the little Fuse Box

    Yes I absolutely know what I am talking about The entire housing with the 2 fuses is not there
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    Missing the little Fuse Box

    I bought my van several years ago and never really investigated why the little fuse box with the EFI fuse was absent. Makes me wonder what the PO did with the circuit . The box circled in blue is...
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    Re: How to pass CA smog????

    yeah that makes more sense that if you are burning oil your HC emissions will go up. Don't bother with higher octane I have never seen that make a difference in our vans. I might even go as far as...
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    Re: How to pass CA smog????

    run 20-50W. I have been using this in my high mileage vans for 30 years. What is the mileage? If your engine runs rough or stalls I would do a compression check. If you have readings below 100PSI in...
  17. Re: Overheating in the TX Summer (no mods) should I worry?

    If it stays cool at high speed and overheats at low speed you probably need a fan clutch. Also is the fan shroud in place? If the fan shroud is missing the van will overheat as the shroud directs...
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    Re: Stalling on low oil pressure

    its the fast idle-up air valve for when the engine is cold. If you leave it unplugged your idle will never be stabilized even when warm. The valve is no longer available and is PITA to replace
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    Re: Stalling on low oil pressure

    Nothing to do with low oil pressure and besides unless you attach to an oil pressure gauge you are just guessing because the oil pressure sender units are notoriously in accurate
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    Re: Stalling on low oil pressure

    How do you attribute to low oil pressure?
  21. Re: Van ran fine, parked in garage and will no longer start

    There is no fuel pump prime by turning the ignition to on. The Fuel pump begins to run in the crank position as an rpm signal is needed and then air drawn into the AFM as the AFM has a fuel pump...
  22. Re: Will a muffler for a 2WD Cargo Fit a 2WD Passenger (LE) ?

    Thank you JDM but I was not asking for a 2WD to 4WD Comparison of Walker. I see Toyota still has one muffler for 2WD available but its for a Cargo and I have an LE

    I am asking for a comparison of...
  23. Will a muffler for a 2WD Cargo Fit a 2WD Passenger (LE) ?

    Will a muffler for a 2WD Cargo Fit a 2WD Passenger (LE) of the same year? I wonder if having leaf springs vs coil springs is what makes the mufflers unique to the style Cargo Vs Passenger
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    Re: Article: Cleaning the Throttle Body

    no longer available I just confirmed
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    Re: RPM-gauge wiring? 1995 liteace, 4yec

    Welcome ! 1984-1989 US Vans are covered here mainly as the US got the Previa after the van in 1990- through 1997. The only thing in common with your Van is the 4Y-EC engine and even the 1995...
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    Re: EGR valve, EGR modulator

    Carb compliance came long after the Van was out of production. so I don't believe CARB applies here
  27. Re: Snorkeled water, flooded engine, still kickin cause she's a toyota but..

    I would have the engine compression checked to make sure that you did not partially hydrolock your motor and bend a valve or bend a connecting rod. If the engine was comprimised in any way. no point...
  28. Thread: No power at all!

    by JPERL

    Re: No power at all!

    Possible blown fusible link its in small case just off the battery. battery should be at 12.6 v fully charged. If you got around needing a jump every time you drove that would kill an alternator in...
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    Extended Crank Part 2 :SOLVED-Bad Fuel Pump

    Fuel Pressure measures 32-35 PSI. Replacing fuel pump and filter. I suppose 8 to 10 PSI low was causing my hard starts
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    Lift support for Tailgate 84-89

    The lift supports for the tailgate are NLA. Anyone find compatible replacements from another model? Will the previa lift supports work on the van wagon?
  31. What is more likely to get plugged? a Cat or a muffler?

    I created an exhaust leak by removing my 02 sensors and my engine can now breath . If I mash the throttle to the floor the engine hesitates and backfires through the intake. When I removed the 02...
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    Problem Solved: AFM can cause Extended Crank

    So for months I have been hesitant to just throw a fuel pump at my Van as I am generally not a fan of loading up the parts cannon. I did some more exploration and testing.

    The problem was I had...
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    Re: Diagnosing fuel problem

    Did you find a replacement ECU?
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    Re: Rough starting/running until 173-175F

    EFI Water Temp Sensor Possibly?
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    Re: 1984 vanWagon Oil Leak

    Yeah remove the passenger seat. These Vehicles don't have the greatest access and nothing significant can be done unless the passenger seat and floor pan is removed
  36. Sticky: Re: 86 van overdrive solenoid

    EDIT: Both are NLA


    this the solenoid mounted externally on the left side if I understand correctly

    And this as well its the overdrive relay that is mounted under the...
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    Re: Starting Issues (with video)

    A good seafoam treatment in the intake and clean the throttle body. Getting rid of carbon as much as possible does wonders. Also your TPS it appears could need to be changed because I noticed when...
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    What size Banjo Bolt do I need?

    Hello The local AutoZone has a fuel pressure gauge kit I can borrow and has three banjo type fittings in the kit and they are sized M8 M12 etc. what size is the banjo bolt on the fuel rail for the...
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    Re: Clunk under my feet!

    Loose ball joint or tie-rod comes to mind
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    Re: Removing the Air Filter

    IMHO installing an after-market intake is not worth the hassle living in so california with strict emission standards for passing. I cannot see any real measurable benefit modifying the stock intake...
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    Re: Dash Temperature gauge low and loose

    Those needles are sensitive to road shock and bounce nothing really unusual.
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    Engine hesitates when trying to rev at idle

    Engine hesitates when trying to rev at idle. How do you tell if its ignition or fuel related causing the issue?
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    Re: Does this fuel pump sound sick?

    Hear is a better video can anyone please put in their thoughts. This pump sounds very noisy. Compared to my other van I cannot hear it or just barely
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    Re: Suspension questions

    Upper still available from Toyota $30 2 required

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    Re: Problem after using Battery Tender

    Its an original stereo everything works its just parts of the illumination stays illuminated for a few minutes after the igntion key is turned to the off position. Its just the lights on the radio...
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    Problem after using Battery Tender

    I have been keeping a battery tender attached to the battery to keep it charged since I don't use the van much. But now when I turn the engine off and remove the key I noticed that the green...
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    Re: 1985 Van inner speedometer cable alternative?

    A speedo shop should be able to create a solution that would work. The truck one will be too short. As a matter of fact the MR2 of the same vintage might work since it was rear engine and would...
  48. Re: New-Genuine-Toyota-Factory-Bimetal-Vacuum-Switching-Valve-Assy-OEM-90925-05047

    I have driven with mine broken for years and I have no problem passing emissions or have performance or drivability issues. I just took the hose and made a U-turn back to the other pipe bypassing...
  49. Re: Easiest way to test if I'm getting fuel at the rail?

    short the fuel check connector. Do a search and there is info on this subject
  50. Re: Strange Exhaust Noise - Help with diagnosis please

    sounds like a lean misfire to me more air in the mixture than fuel. Vacuum leaks between the AFM and intake can cause this. Also Since the exhaust and intake ports are on the same side of the engine...
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