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    Re: Suspension questions

    I wish this stuff was more available for the 4WDs.

    Hey just an FYI, and maybe you already knew this. It is generally recommended to tighten control arm pivot bushings with the suspension at rest...
  2. Re: Steering wheel shake, smoking right wheel

    I had a front bearing on my f350 4x4 give intermittent problems. It had a noise and vibration that seemed bearing related now and then but was never significantly loose so I assumed it was coming...
  3. Re: Steering wheel shake, smoking right wheel

    Don't rule out the tires just because they are new. In fact i would consider them more suspect if it didn't do this at all before the tires were replaced. If you take it back to the tire shop and...
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    Re: AC Idler Pulley

    The bracketry is different than the P/S tensioner but the operation is the same. Loosen the center nut then turn the bolt to tighten or loosen.
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    Re: AC Idler Pulley

    This one has a couple good pics with the right side engine cover removed. Take note that the fan, power steering pulley, and alternator are removed in these pics.
  6. Re: 1986 cargo van with bad manual transmission

    Will it hold any gears and is it still running excellent? When was the last time it saw the highway?
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    Re: frozen bolt (to adjust alternator belt)

    Flecker, somehow I doubt the Simple Green part of your comment is the part she's having trouble with. Maybe it's time to walk away from this one before you get banned again......
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    Re: frozen bolt (to adjust alternator belt)

    Suzu, if it's leaking while sitting still it could be the oil level sensor seal. This item is mounted to the driver side of the oil pan and is below the oil level(This is the part that turns on oil...
  9. Re: '93 Townace Truck - Super short gearing

    What size are the tires on those? I wondered if they were using tire size to reduce effective gear ratio the first time i saw one those. Once you have the gear ratio figured out you could find an...
  10. Re: '93 Townace Truck - Super short gearing

    You need to look here.
  11. Re: Click-No-Start (Starter, Ignition Switch and other Culprits)

    I had the speedometer cable and instrument cluster act as the battery ground on an '85 Mercedes diesel once. It wasn't pretty.
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    Re: What size Banjo Bolt do I need?

    M8 and this.
  13. Re: A/T Oil Temp Light after climbing steep grade (1989 Toyota TownAce)

    I got this same description of symptoms from a guy I recently bought a classic 1978 26' Winnebago from. "It worked fine most of the trip from Denver to Seattle but slipped when going up or down...
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    Re: Tail Light Fuse Blowing

    Check the wiring inside the bellows at the top of the rear hatch. This is a common place for chafing. Make sure to check several inches of wire on both sides of it too.
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    Re: Alternator woes

    Yes! Have you read the thread you are posting to?
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    Re: Article: Cleaning the Throttle Body

    Part of the issue is the somewhat remote mounting of the throttle body. Despite the engine compartment heat it is mounted up and away from direct heat. This also why air cooled VWs had heat riser...
  17. Re: anyone know someone that can help me get 89 diesel town-ace running in the PNW?

    PM sent.
  18. Re: Dome light ground + tailight wiring harness madness

    The wire for the sliding door switch drops down out of the the body at the front of the rear wheel well and then runs along the body behind the sliding door step under the van. Mine was broken at the...
  19. Re: Click-No-Start (Starter, Ignition Switch and other Culprits)

    But what is the actual voltage as measured at the battery? Also, it's important to clarify your terminology, i.e. "makes noise like it wants to start". When you turn the key does it only make a...
  20. Re: Click-No-Start (Starter, Ignition Switch and other Culprits)

    Have you checked basics like battery voltage?
  21. Re: Townace started blowing white smoke

    Was the fuel tank refilled after the trip but before the smoke started possibly introducing water or other contamination with the "fresh" fuel?
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    Re: Rear Coil Springs

    Maybe someone can pull from this for you. Unless you are looking for brand new in which case, custom made is always an option.
  23. Re: Safe spots to raise front end with a jack?

    Son of a ..... Carbonized beat me to it. Lol If you still need more let me know and I'll post the photos I took.
  24. Re: Safe spots to raise front end with a jack?

    Give me a couple minutes and I'll post some pics and answer all your questions.
  25. Re: Safe spots to raise front end with a jack?

    Are you using a stock scissor type jack or a floor jack?
  26. Re: Toyota Van Front Heater/AC Blower - Revisited!

    I would agree. If pulling the fan to investigate, best to at least have a new one available. Of course, the resistor is far easier to replace and cheaper too. I bought two from Amazon a while back...
  27. Re: 4wd Radiator (Manual Trans) - Bay area for sale or trade

    PM sent.
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    Re: Full coolant flush tips?

    That's how I always do a flush and fill. Flush and drain. Calculate half the system capacity and add that volume as antifreeze concentrate. After that top with straight water. Then I fill the...
  29. Re: Starting problem only when engine is hot

    It is not necessary.
  30. Re: Brake Light on dash coming on / staying on

    There is a small push button switch under the brake lever with a single wire going to it. If you take the center console off you'll see it. I had one that was stuck from something that got spilled...
  31. Re: Starting problem only when engine is hot

    Cut the wire going to the idle up temp switch as labeled in the pic in post #17 of this thread. It's the one with a single wire. Attach a ring terminal to it and ground it under a bolt somewhere...
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    Re: High oil pressure woes

    Check your pcv valve and crankcase vent hoses to see if they are plugged. The manual says 36-71 psi at operating temperature. I'd say your oil pressure is fantastic. Do you know what viscosity oil...
  33. Re: Brake Light on dash coming on / staying on

    The wire to the parking brake switch could be pinched and grounding as well.
  34. Re: Power train removal and transport solo. Take 3

    I've done this twice at PNP on vans with sunroofs and used the provided engine hoists through the sunroof. Once lifted out of the van I used a hood or trunklid that always seem to be laying around...
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    Re: Idle adjustment question

    I just posted a reply to that thread to correct the misinformation.
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    Re: 1993 Previa AC

    The small diameter tubing should be the high pressure line and the large tubing is the low pressure. Think of it like this, all the volume of the large diameter tubing gets squeezed into the small...
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    Re: Blown Head Gasket?...OR is it?

    Pitting would not cause that. If you are not drawing coolant back in you either have a faulty cap or a leak in the system somewhere.
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    Re: Everything Must Go - Lots of photos

    FYI, The unidentified plastics go around the base of center row captains chairs to create a latchable storage compartment.
  39. Sticky: Re: The WHAT-IS-THIS-PART and WHAT'S-THE-PART-NUMBER Thread for US Toyota Vans 1984-1

    I don't know an exact name for that part but it is definitely cause for concern. It is a structural crossmember crucial to the strength and integrity of the rear suspension. Also, in the upper left...
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    Re: Diagnosing Squealing
  41. Re: Problem with staring on the 97 Previa

    Allow me to be blunt, you need a new mechanic. The ignition coil has no bearing whatsoever on how fast the starter is able to crank an engine. You have what sounds like a classic hot soak starter...
  42. Re: "air control valve assembly" (for P/S pump) part number 17630-28010

    Wow. I Must have been really out of it that day. I could have sworn the part number on the eBay listing was the same one referenced in this thread. Sorry if this caused any confusion. That's awesome...
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    Re: 4x4 not working

    Auto hubs should be replaced as routine maintenance in my opinion. Warn hubs are okay if that's all you can get. In all likelihood they are probably just fine on our low powered non rockcrawling vans...
  44. Re: "air control valve assembly" (for P/S pump) part number 17630-28010

    Per Tim's link in post #2 of this thread as well as the thread title, that is the correct part number. That's a pretty darn good price too.

    The wire that broke on mine is the main ground to the switches.

    On mine the wire broke in the harness in the door jamb.
  47. Re: What does a particular VSV do? See excellent attached diagram.

    And check the intake tube for cracks!
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    Re: Runs nice and cool without thermostat

    The important thing to consider here is that you are putting a lot of faith in a 30 year old gauge and possibly a 30 year old temperature sending unit. If you really want an accurate temperature...
  49. Re: What does a particular VSV do? See excellent attached diagram.

    I don't know how thorough your Cali smog inspections are but when I still had to smog mine in Wa state I had idle issues. I eventually determined mine to be a bad tps. Prior to that when I would get...
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    Security certificate

    I received the following Google message when I tried to open a page. This seems to be different than the previous "dangerous website" thread so I thought a new post was warranted.
    Admin, please...
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