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  1. Re: 1987 Toyota Van 4WD Automatic with manual hubs Portland, Oregon

    Reduced to $4500.
  2. 1987 Toyota Van 4WD Automatic with manual hubs Portland, Oregon

    114381144211443114441144011441114391987 4WD Toyota Van, the ultimate Pacific Northwest adventure mobile!


    Currently Runs, Drives, and Stops.

    264,xxx miles.
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    Installing new stereo and speakers

    Iíve tried the search function but canít seem to find much info on this subject. I have an 87 4WD, thereís no current stereo in the dash, just the blank space inserts. Rear speakers look absolutely...
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    Disconnecting Speedometer Cable

    So I'm in the process of replacing my brake master cylinder and am starting with removing the dash. I've read the thread on removing the dash plus watched a YouTube video on it but am looking for a...
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    Re: Van wonít start

    I replaced the aftermarket starter button and it fired right up. Thanks for the advice!
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    Van wonít start

    I have a 1987 Toyota van LE 4WD, had it about a year but havenít been driving it much til a couple months ago after it had work done on it. Drove approx 60 miles the other day. Make a couple short...
  7. 1987 4wd automatic does not want to shift easily

    I have a 1987 4WD automatic. Recently had work performed on the van in which it was taken to a transmission shop to look it over(previous owner had records of the transmission being rebuilt within a...
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