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    Re: Broken exhaust flex pipe, exhaust removal

    Hey Jonny,

    I just found out that I need a new catalytic converter on my 95 Previa S/C AWD with 255K miles. The local shop said that it would be over $1K to do the replacement. It looks like...
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    Previa Spoiler - FREE!

    I have TWO spoilers for my Toyota Previa from the previous owner that I have no intention of ever installing. They'll probably need to be repainted. I can't say for sure what their condition is,...
  3. Re: Largest 'all-terrain' tire size on a stock Previa AWD without modifications

    Hey 93_Previa, how did the tire install go? Are you getting any rubbing or other issues with the General Grabber AT2 at the 205/75/r15?
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