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    Re: Replacing the Muffler

    I took my van to Ballard Muffler (not actually in ballard. Up on Aurora) a few months back to get the muffler replaced. I think it was around $400 for parts and labor. Made a huge difference in the...
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    Re: Charging Air Conditioning System

    That red cap is the high side. The low side is more towards the front of the vehicle, and on a larger diameter tubing. On my vehicle, it had a black cap. I can post a photo if you don't see it.

  3. Re: Question about diagnosing AC system

    Thanks for that link. I had read through the entirety of that thread quite a few times at this point, haha. It has helped a lot for sure. Although I think my situation is a little bit different than...
  4. Question about diagnosing AC system

    I've got a '92 4wd front+rear AC van. The AC has never worked since I bought it about a year ago. I had a tech come out and remove any R-12 left in the system, and my plan was to refill with...
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    Re: Door chime

    I would also imagine that you could remove the door sensor, which is what detects that the door is open in the first place. I would expect that removing that would prevent the alarm from sounding.
  6. Re: 1987 Toyota Van 4x4, Cargo, Manual 5-spd

    Those custom windows are pretty awesome! Good luck with the sale, and the hopeful house purchase!
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    Re: Overheating & gurgling behind dash

    I can't help you with actually fixing your problem, but a tactic I've used in the past on a vehicle that would overheat to help prolong it's drivability, is a trick I learned about on CarTalk. If the...
  8. Re: trying to identify rubber bits on sliding windows

    I usually go to to look for part numbers.

    I'm not sure exactly what model your van is, but I see some entries for weatherstripping on the townace here:...
  9. Re: '89 Master Ace Radio/Speaker Replacement

    This is a great post!

    What is that big hole above the temp controls for?
  10. Re: 92 Master Ace Surf Body Moulding Clips?

    I'm not sure about the metal clips, but I know megazip has the plastic clips. I had them in my order, but ended up cancelling the order because shipping was too much to warrant just ordering the...
  11. Re: Trying to diagnose rear wiper troubles

    I didn't mean to imply that the motor itself was bad. I think the motor actually runs fine. I think it's seized up because when I turn the motor manually, I'm met with a lot of resistance. I don't...
  12. Re: Trying to diagnose rear wiper troubles

    Well, I took the motor apart and tried to get things moving again, but couldn't get it to function. I ran some penetrant down the spindle arm to try to loosen things up in there. But I couldn't...
  13. Re: Trying to diagnose rear wiper troubles

    Thanks for the thoughts. That thread has definitely been really helpful. It's what lead me to check the wires in the conduit, and ultimately made me realize I had been testing the terminals...
  14. Re: Trying to diagnose rear wiper troubles

    Okay, did a bit more investigation last night. Upon closer inspection, I'm definitely getting power to the motor, so the cables are good. I opened the motor up (The actual motor is quite beautiful!)...
  15. Trying to diagnose rear wiper troubles

    A few weeks ago, my rear wiper stopped working at the top of its arc on my way to the mountains. On my drive back home, I turned the wiper back on and it went back down, then up and stopped again at...
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    Re: Radiator for 4WD

    Hey Flecker, what van did you install that Griffin radiator in? I'm curious if that'd fit in my 4x4 manual '91 TownAce?
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    aisin water pump for 2c-t TownAce

    I saw in the parts thread that the '86 Corolla has the same 2c-t engine as my '92 TownAce, so it can share many of the same parts.

    When I look at compatible parts on RockAuto for that engine,...
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    Re: 2C engine manual

    I came across another location for the manual. Thought I'd share it, in case anything happens to the one already posted.
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