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    thinking of an automatic to standard swap..

    I have 2 1986 LE's ...apart from one being automatic and the other being standard, they are practically twins in color and appearance....right down to the old Supra mags.
    I recently found an 86 5...
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    Various parts 86/87

    I have a complete ( more or less ) 1987 panel delivery ( automatic )

    Was gonna restore but not happening

    Most all parts plus more are ready to take a hike elsewhere before I get the carcass...
  3. 1986 LE van + 88 panel delivery Victoria British Columbia

    Located in Victoria BC

    1986 LE, 5spd standard, 4ye engine ( bullet proof ), seats 7.
    397k, ( kilometers... is 246k miles ) runs very well.
    little rust ( rockers good)
    full interior in mainly...
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