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  1. Re: How not to grease the rear slip yoke on a Previa Alltrac

    To add to this, if you add that much grease it's far from the end of the world but it's not good drive with the shaft extended like that. The good news is even if you do, it'll expel the surplus...
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    Re: RPM-gauge wiring? 1995 liteace, 4yec

    The gauge should include directions on where to wire it to the coil. OBD1 Toyotas are handy that they have an ignition signal at the diagnostics connector (Ig-) I've used that with success in the...
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    Re: differential questions

    Usually coil springs and control arms vs leaf springs requires different mounts on the axles. that means grinding and welding. that means complete disassembly not plug n play.
  4. Re: Little to no rear brakes; proportioner valve delete?

    I did delete the LSPV on my Toyota Pickup due to rust. Ran a manual prop valve and new lines from the master to every wheel. You can't delete just the valve, you have to rerun all the lines. Even...
  5. Re: Snorkeled water, flooded engine, still kickin cause she's a toyota but..

    compression check first

    Then an oil pressure gauge. the oil looked OK because you saw the top. oil floats on water so the water was down by the pickup. you MAY have washed out the bearings and...
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    Re: Freeze plugs (4Y block)

    Can you post pics of the holes in question? as the saying goes a pic is worth 1000 words and so far your're a bit short of that so far.
  7. Re: early (1991-93) vs. later (1994-95) JDM engines

    Use your old fuel injectors and ECM. the SC engine itself (block, head, internals) are close enough to run in place of your FE. the cams are slightly different (no overlap), rotating assembly is...
  8. Re: early (1991-93) vs. later (1994-95) JDM engines

    The one getting paid for it :wnk:
  9. Re: Previa Electric door lock switch only unlocks

    Bad switch or 1 bad wire in the bundle. most likely it's the switch though. I haven't had the door apart but the pic man_btc posted sure looks like it just pops out.
  10. Thread: No Spark

    by kamesama980

    Re: No Spark

    If the CEL came on, the first step is to pull the code. I suspect you'll have a distributor-pickup related code. no pickup signal = no signal to the igniter to spark. if you have a scope you can...
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    Re: EGR valve, EGR modulator

    No. with everything off, that should be closed. Even as you go through testing things electronically/pneumatically, I don't think it should ever vent like that.
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    Re: Sway Bar Removal

    Van will understeer worse. It'll be more prone to body-roll in corners. Handling on-road will be worse but articulation for off-road will be slightly better.

    yea, if you remove them, make sure...
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    Re: Front Axle Seal Replacement 2WD

    In my years on forums, school, shop time, and mechanic-ing myself, I've never seen anything on replacing steering rack seals, only replacing the rack because usually the seals are damaged by bad...
  14. Re: Load Sensing Proportioning Valve and Bypass Valve ???

    Don't worry about the axle, follow the brake lines. On my Previa, the LSPV is on the control arm on one side rather than centered and bracketed to the diff housing.

    As to the earlier (much...
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    Re: Steering wheel shake, smoking right wheel

    ^This guy has it right.

    I have seen steel lines clog internally. Very rare and usually with old, nasty, waterlogged brake fluid allowing more rust inside than out. far, far more often it's the...
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    Re: Steering wheel shake, smoking right wheel

    Did you get the brackets with the new calipers? Are the slides on the new calipers properly lubed (sparingly)? Both my Subaru Bajas needed front brake work because the slide pins stick causing the...
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    Re: Rough starting/running until 173-175F

    does it feel like a dead miss? could be distributor or ignition wire issues. I've had that be temperature and humidity related.

    water temp sender was my first thought, if it's failed just right,...
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    Re: Timing issue?? That's my guess....

    The other possibility, and I'm not sure if this is possible, is they put a similar but incorrect part in the box. something that fits but isn't quite right.

    +1 for getting a different mechanic to...
  19. Re: How concerned should I be about the radiator cracking (pic included)

    OAT, HOAT, and the others offer longer service intervals as the biggest benefit (life-of-the-warranty fill) and the additive packages are better for Fe/Al and all-Al engines.
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    Re: Steering wheel shake, smoking right wheel

    Surprising nobody's said more about the brakes. caliper slide pins can intermittently lock like that, so can deteriorated 30 year old brake hoses acting like check valves. I've replaced all 4 front...
  21. Re: Vacuum Modulator, Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Previa

    Wow, great thread and followup. I skimmed your "how it works" and would add, in layman's terms, that the EGR system should operate when the engine's warmed up but not overheating from low cruising...
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    Re: A Previa OEM Muffler Autopsy

    OE muffler design can be fascinating. Interesting how much damping can be done in just a few chambers. I have a 95 SC RWD I may do similar with on a lazy afternoon. I have some motorcycle muffler...
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    Re: Strange false warnings

    I doubt you'll find much help here... you have one of the lame front-engine vans lol

    Other than chasing wires, Toyota in the old days used combinations of warning lights to indicate failures not...
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    Re: Fuel Pump Filter and Fuel Filter

    The fuel system doesn't really need any periodic maintenance. The fuel filters are there to prevent a catastrophic failure upstream from moving downward. They do NOT need to be "maintained" like oil...
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    Re: Seat heater, thermometer, scangage II

    I stuck my ScangaugeII in the pocket under the radio.

    Ah the scangauge... so innovative back in the day but totally blown away by modern tech.

    My '95 works with some OBD2 scanners but not...
  26. Re: Low Oil Light on When Starting Then Disappears

    K&Ns may be many things but cheap isn't one.
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    Re: stearing shake

    shake on corners is the textbook symptom of a bad wheel bearing.

    If you have tapered rollers and they need "tightening up", it's not great but not unheard of.
    If you have ball-bearings (as...
  28. Re: Low Oil Light on When Starting Then Disappears

    I've heard mixed things about K&N filters... cheap filter with a nut welded on. Edit: no personal experience, just what I've heard

    I use Wix filters, usually bought by the case from RA, for all 7...
  29. Re: Toyota Previa no power AFTER tune up - help!

    Remind the mechanic it worked better before he/she touched it. If they can't figure it out, they ought to reconsider touching other peoples stuff and should be be paying to take it to someone who...
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    Re: Final diagnosis...head gasket blown?

    Could also be a cracked head or block.

    Compression, cylinder leakdown, and coolant leakdown tests could also help pinpoint a leak vs spillage.

    Could coolant have made it's way to the top of the...
  31. Sticky: Re: oil pressure sensor??

    Can you pick the part up and shoot a pic of it somewhere better? It could be sasquatch for all I can see in that pic.
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    Re: Sitting Previa- Common Repairs

    How long has it been sitting? Months or years?

    As you said, go ahead and plan on all the soft parts... seals & orings, belts would be a safe bet, tires too. Hoses are a gamble. Tires are easy to...
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    Re: new exhaust => low idle

    lol That was going to be my suggestion: fix what causes it to run poorly at proper idle.
  34. Re: 85 auto TV transmission fluid coming out of the dipstick

    When does it burp fluid out? moving or idling? in gear or in park/neutral? As soon as you start the engine or only after it gets warm driving a while?
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    Re: new exhaust => low idle

    At what RPM is it idling?

    Did the battery get disconnected? Any other work done up front? vacuum leaks?

    So you have TWO O2 sensors in 88? cali emissions I take it? downstream should have no...
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    Re: van 1987 4wd doesn't pass on the 5th gear

    English IS about the stupidest language on the planet. Heck you can confuse the heck out of mechanics by mixing them from different regions. one from new england says the engine has a skip, one from...
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    Re: van 1987 4wd doesn't pass on the 5th gear

    What do you mean "doesn't pass in 5th gear"? Like, doesn't pass other cars? 5th gear isn't for passing, it's for cruising along steady speed for better mpg. I think what you maybe mean is that your...
  38. Re: This is how forums die and lose any new members that might want to start posting

    I'm of the opposite opinion of the OP, Failbook offers no sorting or organization options and a s***y search function. The feed's just a vomit of everyone's thoughts and there's nothing but the feed...
  39. Re: Alltrac - driveshaft failure at the u joint - running in FWD

    For the record, there's a viscous coupling in the center diff... the driving attributes you described align with having it. Basically, the more one side spins, the more it tightens up, up to a point....
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