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  1. Re: Power steering belt

    Thanks Tim! That helps a great deal. And of course, another problem arose. Now it won't start. My guess this time would be fuel injectors having too much moisture or condensation. It'll try to turn...
  2. Re: Power steering belt

    I have the idler pulley that is circled in your picture. What else does it run off of? I may be missing that part There is an area that the belt goes down further that I can't seem to find.
  3. Re: Power steering belt

    OK, so I got the new belt from Autozone. The problem is that it is too big for the pulley system, or I just can't figure out where the additional pulley is. All I see for the power steering system is...
  4. Power steering belt

    Hi, I'm new here, but I just bought a 1986 cargo van and the previous owner drove without power steering because the belts kept snapping on him. The pulley system (the one that isn't the pump) is...
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