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  1. 1988 Toyota Van Wagon 4x4 pop top 5spd manual *Salvage Title*

    With a heavy hand and high price I believe it is time to sell my van. My employer has offered a generous incentive for me to get a more modern vehicle in order to transport patients and I simply do...
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    Re: 1987 vanwagon PYP Sun Valley, CA

    Just replaced my TPS and saw that the coolant inlets on my throttle body are pretty corroded.
    I would be more than happy to pay if someone was willing to pull the throttle body and ship.
  3. Re: 4wd members with All/Mud Terrains: What’s your MPG like?

    I have had my recent van for a little over 7k miles now and am consistently averaging 16-18mpg in town with it being a mix of city and highway. I take it on 300+ mile climbing trips at least every...
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    Re: clutch master and slave cylinders

    I just replaced my clutch cylinder last week and decided to go ahead and replace my brake master cylinder since it was the original and my van has 215k on it. I also decided to do my brake master...
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