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  1. Re: 1988 manual 4wd le, central Florida ($4,000)

    Inbox is cleared.
  2. Re: 1988 manual 4wd le, central Florida ($4,000)

    Thanks, I do have a complete set of le trim on a parts van that can go with the purchase if anyone wants to revert it back to its roots.
  3. 1988 manual 4wd le, central Florida ($4,000)

    Hey, I'm selling a 88 4wd manual le with auto locking hubs. Price $4,000. Engine has 105k original miles, transmission and van have around 150k miles. Clean florida title
    -extremely solid running/...
  4. Re: Rear differential leak and pinion seal replacement

    I Have a soon to be running 87 manual 4x4 project and pulled the leaky pinion seal before reading this thread and learning about the required preload/marking the nut before removal. When draining the...
  5. Re: No Part Left Behind! (87 4x4 TV) (Phoenix, AZ)

    Any chance you grabbed the radiator fan shroud?
  6. Re: Good ole 86 Van Overheating Problems [seeking advice]

    I pulled mine and was going for rebuild from an old school chevy motor head guy that I hear is the man in my area. I left for vacation and was hoping to return to a finished product yet he stopped...
  7. Re: Good ole 86 Van Overheating Problems [seeking advice]

    Remington, Just pulled one in about six hours- tim did a full swap in just a bit more than that from what I read on thread a while back. I feel it could be quicker if you cut the injector harness...
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    Re: PARTING OUT: 1989 4x4 TV

    I'm looking for a the fusebox with or without the attached relays- I see you mention relays gone yet was wondering if the fuse box assembly still there? thanks -Austin 32764, Fla
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    Re: Cooling system Mods

    Tim, In your heater core addition to your bumper for enhanced cooling, towards the end of your write up you state the valve is not necessary? That's the control valve on the heater core you speak of?...
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    Re: Removing window tinting

    I used a floor scrapper which is an 8 inch razor blade with a sturdy handle (home improvement store). Change the blade every window and a half and it took about an hour. I used acetone to remove the...
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    Re: No Running lights

    I got lucky and had the ash tray out while inserting new 15a fuse after cleaning the connections of the fusable link. When I hit the head lights I caught an arc out of the corner of my eye behind the...
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    Re: No Running lights

    I recently was in a fender bender and was hit very hard around the battery box of the van. I now have no tail lights nor dash lights. 15 amp tail fuse keeps blowing. I switched around the...
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    Re: Windshield work

    I just had two windshields replaced professionally and am glad I did; Couple things if you were to tackle it; foam shimming off of the pinchweld required about 3/4 an inch on the aftermarket...
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    Charging Air Conditioning System

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: HELP Needing some part numbers Ive looked and looked

    Maxmax, I ordered the intake and exhauast manifold gasket set from rock auto under the search section "engine". When splitting the halves, I believe this is the one you'll need. They also sell...
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    Re: Leaky fuel injector-

    Its the # 4 injector and understand the project ahead, sorry for a redundant post.
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    Leaky fuel injector-

    I have quite a bit of gas leaking out of the #4 injector directly onto the exhaust, I was wondering if I were able to replace what looks to be an o-ring from underneath with out splitting the upper...
  18. Re: Excessive oil consumption

    I changed to a half crude half synthetic mix of 10-40 from a 20w-50. I burned more oil and created leaks, the engine is at 300k. switched back to 20w-50 and not near as much oil consumption. I feel...
  19. Re: Left for Japan for 2 months and now I turn the key and get 1 click.... fml

    Highwind, I had that happen to a van sitting for about that time here in Fla also. I knew the battery was good, I remembered toying with the transmission shifting and actually got it to turn over. I...
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    Automatic transmission failure-

    I believe the transmission has gone out, It had a few jolts and then several minutes later problems shifting and eventually immobile. The catcher is that when its left running after immobile it stays...
  21. Re: Parting out Running 86 4wd 5 speed. Only 85k miles

    I'd like to take that tranny/transfer case off your hands for a spare. How much to ship to Central Florida? Not sure if I need to look that info up or not. Thanks-
  22. Re: Lifter sticking ''Quart of Diesel?''

    I pulled the plug wires and on the 3rd and 4th wires there was a bit of oil on them. The plugs where dry and firing, could this be a symptom of the lifter sticking and oil forcing out somehow? I'm...
  23. Re: Lifter sticking ''Quart of Diesel?''

    Thanks Tim, I haven't ran it hard since the noise, I'll report with the process.. (hopefully the progress)
  24. Lifter sticking ''Quart of Diesel?''

    I Have a tick in the head of my new van which I believe is a stuck lifter. It wasn't there on the 10 hour drive back to its new home and either was the steady oil leak, both problems occurred after...
  25. Mandatory pulling parts-

    Can you direct me to the thread of mandatory hard to get van parts that are a must have at a you pull it? Fusable links etc.?
  26. Re: Buying 1986 Toyota Van Wagon .. Need advice on transmission and motor!

    I went through the honeymoon phase with these vans also and almost bought one out of California and had it shipped yet it didn't materialize. IMO-If that's the way you want to go, it should be either...
  27. Re: Buying 1986 Toyota Van Wagon .. Need advice on transmission and motor!

    Jordan, There's a decent 88 cargo in orlando on craigslist now for 800 obo with 200k miles.
  28. Re: Overflow Reservoir boiling over. Overheating engine. Head gasket? Radiator?

    Havn't checked if this is possible with the vans, but is the belt on the water pump correctly? I had an altima were the belt was put on in a way it turned the water pump the opposite way and water...
  29. Re: 1987 2wd fire but no fuel (been sitting for years)

    Tim, I tried to brake it free with the force of the van with no luck. It was pushed on gravel and concrete before. I've access to heavy machinery. Could I bathe the entire brake with used motor...
  30. Re: 1987 2wd fire but no fuel (been sitting for years)

    Tim, The van fired up and seems to run smooth. I had the back end raised on jack stands and the transmission seems good. How can I get it to start again from the key as opposed to the push button...
  31. Re: 1987 2wd fire but no fuel (been sitting for years)

    I've got power to the fuel pump through jumping the test connector. I didn't check if there was power to the pump w/o jumping the tester (I don't think so though- I will tommorow). Should I change...
  32. Re: 1987 2wd fire but no fuel (been sitting for years)

    I pulled the tank and cleaned, replaced the fuel pump and found that there is no power to the fuel pump. I believe there is power to the tank gauge since the fuel light is on (possibly sitting in...
  33. Re: 1987 2wd fire but no fuel (been sitting for years)

    Thanks, I do have the clicking behind the glove box jumping the test connector with no fuel pump sound and am preparing for the fuel pump surgery hopefully soon. I'll keep you posted (may be a bit...
  34. fire but no fuel (been sitting for years)

    I've recently purchased a 1987 2wd with 97k miles and in need of TLC. Starts with starting fluid through air intake. I'm not sure how long it has actually been sitting (I believe since 2009) or any...
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