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Thread: Previa JDM S/C or NA engine spotting guide

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    Previa JDM S/C or NA engine spotting guide

    I trolled around and found some graphics that describe the change in the front timing cover that accommodates the Crank Position Sensor used only on SuperCharged Previa engines (S/C 2TZ-FZE).
    Then I cobbled up this graphic.
    Since I don't have an S/C engine, I don't have one to take a picture of, but there are sensor for sale with photos so I added those.
    The parts diagrams show the front cover rotated, as if the head was on top instead of on the right side of the engine. So what is shown at the lower right in these is actually at the front upper left corner of the engine. It's pretty tough to see this spot on an engine in a van without a mirror-on-a-stick and a flashlight. It's behind the crankcase breather/filler housing and a lift bracket. But if you are taking delivery of a JDM engine and want to be sure you're getting either a pre-'94 2TZ-FE(Normally Aspirated) or a later '94 2TZ-FZE (SuperCharged) engine, this might be helpful.

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    Re: Previa JDM S/C or NA engine spotting guide

    not all 94+ Previas are S/C, the N/A version continued to be sold in the rest of the world, such as Canada
    the 2TZ-FZE was limited only to Japan and North America

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