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Thread: Bad Fuel Injectors

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    Bad Fuel Injectors

    Hey Folks - Turns out my poor gas mileage is due to leaking fuel injectors. I'd like to be informed about the costs associated with this and maybe buy the parts myself to give to my mechanic, since he's having trouble finding them. This is what he says I need:

    4 fuel injectors (NOT remanufactured)
    O-rings and cushions for fuel rail
    Throttle body gasket
    EGR, plus gasket and valve tube

    There's quite a bit of difference in price among brands on rockauto and 1sttoyotaparts. $40/injector on the low end. $142 on the high end. Do you all recommend a particular brand/s? Toyota, ULTRAPOWER, beck/arnley, standard, airtex/wells? Any or all of them?

    And, of the parts above, I could only find the injectors. Anybody out there familiar with the part numbers for the rest? And any recommendations on brands, etc.?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Re: Bad Fuel Injectors

    These vans have pretty rugged injectors. Take them down to Dr. Injector (In & Out Auto Care) in Gladstone Oregon & have Wayne clean & test them. If they cannot be brought back to acceptable performance standards then he can put together a set of rebuilt ones for you. I just took him the injectors from my 86. Out of the 4 one was good & another was marginal (the other 2 leaked even after cleaning). This was the 1st time I had a problem with van injectors that couldn't be remedied with a a good cleaning. A set of 4 good "rebuilt" injectors cost me $186. I'm not sure about other brands, but if Wayne says they're good, that's good enough for me. They test all their injectors before selling to verify spray patterns & to check for leaks. Tim

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