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Thread: ringing/siren/howl type noise

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    ringing/siren/howl type noise

    I've had a noise that came on about a month or two ago. Seems to be getting worse. I tried to do the screw driver to the ear trick, on the head cover, on the ps pump, distributor, and a few other locations and can't locate where exactly the noise is coming from. Just put in a new alternator 3 months ago, it's fairly clean, so I don't think the noise is alternator. I have a really leaky ps pump that I can tell needs to be replaced, but the noise isn't a typical ps whine, and doesn't change with turn of wheel. In the mornings when the engine is cool it's really bad. I mean you could hear the van coming from a block away. It's like a siren type of high pitch howl noise. It cuts out sort of with pedal push, but really howls and gets higher pitched when accelerated. Once engine warms up, the noise subsides for most part. I thought it was a cracked radiator that was sucking or blowing air making a weird pitched noise, but I just got a re-cored fresh one in last week. Maybe a bearing somewhere?

    Here's a video, you've got to listen close, it's not the greatest quality and not at it's loudest. I'll take another video in the morning when engine is cold and noise is real bad.

    Any thoughts are appreciated..


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    Re: ringing/siren/howl type noise

    I can't really tell much from that video, but what you're describing sounds like an idler pulley bearing. Here's a link to another thread where it's been discussed before:

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