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Thread: Having trouble with intake air hose routing...

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    Angry Having trouble with intake air hose routing...

    Hey guys, I've been rebuilding my van for some time now, and I've been dealing with this particular assembly of hoses and vacuum lines and coolant(?) lines for the entire time. I've been skipping around it and doing everything ELSE to rebuild the rest of the van, and it's going well, but now I'm finally left with just this predicament to deal with. It has to do with the little tee thing that connects to the bottom of the air hose. It has a large connection that looks like it connects up to one part of the weird little X shaped coolant/air/vacuum hose mess of an assembly, and then it has another leg that looks like it is connected correctly that goes towards the power steering pump area. Here are the pictures that I have of these various hoses and fittings.
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    Sorry if these pictures appear blurry, I had to use the flash on my phone and sometimes it's less than impressive....any way, if anybody has a diagram of the way that these things fit with each other, or how they are mounted, or even a diagram or picture containing that X shaped component in it's mounting spot, I could mount it where it goes and then connect the dots and try to see if any of the hoses line up with what they're supposed to connect to........if that makes sense? At this point, even if somebody drew a MS Paint drawing of how these are connected to the engine, it would be better than me trying to not go insane by trying to figure out how these connect!

    PS, I have a suspicion that the EGR has something to do with this? It looks like the hose fitting jutting out of it MIIIGHT be part of this..just a thought.
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