I just bought an '85 Toyota Van, 194K miles. It has no service records, previous owner bought it from someone who had a folder of records which he didn't deem necessary to keep. He told me the seals were done by PO and that he kept up on oil changes while he owned it but otherwise has done zero work. Can I trust him? Who knows, but it drove back to my house just fine. One thing I know from my research on here, it needs a new thermostat.

1. Oil change (10w30)
2. I'm going to replace the thermostat (with an OEM) one and maybe an aftermarket gasket.
3. Flush the radiator - never done this before but I want to remove any blockages.
4. Going to inspect the hoses and see if they need replacing, anybody have a good active source?

What else should I do as a new owner of a van with 194k miles that has zero maintenance records?

I'm putting this here because I barely have basic van knowledge and I'm not sure what needs to be done. I can delete/move to appropriate thread if this isn't fitting.