For those looking for just the upper ball joint boot, I deducted that the part number is 43324-26020. let me order them but got the sadly familiar response the next day that they are unavailable. I found some decent replicas from Bulgaria of all places but didn't feel like waiting for them to make the trip across the Atlantic. So I got these universal polyurethane ones (Energy Suspension 13026) that were closest in dimensions I could find to the ball joint measurements. Because this style doesn't use clamps to keep them on and they are a bit too tall, they are bulged out a little on top. I suppose they will still provide more protection than my shredded Febest ones that totally disintegrated on removal.

I found that by backing off the preload on the torsion bars, it was pretty easy to disconnect the upper ball joint without having to remove anything else. At least this gave me an opportunity to note that the Febest ball joints are still tight after a couple years of use.