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Thread: Alternator woes

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    Re: Alternator woes

    Quote Originally Posted by Flecker View Post
    Yah, I know I need at least 120 Amps to make it happen.... Just not sure at what point I would need upgrade wiring to handle the extra load. Most of my sluething kinda lends to the thought process that anything over 130 Amps and the og wiring may not handle it... not a huge deal, as wiring is fairly cheap.

    Did you have to upsize anything with your alternator? Or all good? Not sure what the CS130D pushes out...
    I completely rewired the engine compartment when I went to aftermarket fuel injection. When I did that I ran a new 4 gauge main cable to the alternator. Should be good to 200 amps (only 6 feet to the battery). The cs130d is rated around 105 Amps, but I wired it with an upgrade in mind.

    After cutting the entire wiring harness open to see what's inside, I decided I wouldn't run more than 100 amps through the factory harness.

    To make it bomb proof I recommend a new main alternator battery wire that can handle the amperage, and to make sure the sense wire is perfect. If it isn't, run a new one. Mine was fried two feet into the harness. Super weird, but explained 10 hours of work 5 years ago. I just ended up running a new wire outside of the harness back then.

    The sense (field), ignition, and warning light are all compatible with the GM alternator. You just need to get the GM pigtail that has all the wires.

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    Re: Alternator woes

    This is probably a pretty good time to add a link to another thread where I upgraded my alternator:

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