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Thread: Power steering failure

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    Re: Power steering failure

    Quote Originally Posted by timsrv View Post
    It has been so long since I replaced one of these I can't remember (sorry). Pretty sure I used average hand tools though. If you need to use a hammer, find a socket or something the right diameter and use that. When pressing/hammering bearings it's important to keep the force on the race that's being pressed. In this case I believe it's the outside race, so put pressure on that. FYI, It should be the same diameter as the bearing that you took out, so it should require similar force. If the old one fell out, then the new should "fall in". If not then you should double check dimensions of new bearing and compare to old. If it's not the same, then you got the wrong bearing. If you don't have a way to measure you can get cheap plastic dial calipers that are actually pretty darn accurate. I have a pair in my tool box (SPI brand) I've been using for ~30 years. They came as a "free gift" with a larger order I made from SPI back in the 80's. Initially I thought they were a joke, but I use them in "semi harsh" environments and they've held up remarkably well. I still trust them down to ~.01" . Tim

    Thank you for the help!!! I ended up finding a whole pulley and bracket that I traded out. The one I took off was pretty stuck on, and I actually didn't realize that the bearing and the center piece that fits onto the bolt were two separate parts until I got the new/old part that I replaced it with. The old bearing is still stuck that that center washer on it. I will probably tinker around and try out your recommendations to know for next time ...The extra parts box has begun!

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    Power Steering Pulley.

    Do I need to use a puller to remove the power steering pulley ? The manual makes no mention of using a puller. It says to remove the woodruff key but does not say how to remove the key. Can anyone speak to this who has done it? I noticed my pulley is on backwards

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