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Thread: Refreshing the engine (rebuild and aftermath)

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    Refreshing the engine (rebuild and aftermath)

    Well, I have decided that the strange engine noises within the motor finally warrant a tear down. I am going to an engine builder to take care of the long block so my questions concern the rest of the engine. This van has never had overheating issues, so I am going to risk just flushing the radiator out really well and replacing every coolant line. I also am going to do the rear heater delete to save some headaches in the future. So here is what I am replacing:

    radiator Hoses
    coolant and vac lines
    water pump
    alternator/power steering/AC belts
    motor and transmission mounts
    air/fuel/oil filters
    spark plugs and wires
    clutch kit
    resurfacing the flywheel

    Now my question is, what am I missing? I have combed thru a few of others users rebuild blogs/threads and I don't think I have overlooked anything. Or if anyone has any recommendations of stuff that should be done while the motor is out.

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