As some of you are aware I run a mobile RV repair business from my van. This line of work is seasonal and I'm officially now in my busy season. Last year I reached a new high of 6 weeks back-log. With lower gas prices this year will likely be just as busy. When things get like this I work long hrs and don't have much time for the forum. As much as enjoy reading and responding to everybody's posts, there simply isn't enough time in the day. If I fail to respond to questions, it's only because I'm probably working or sleeping (or both ).

Things start to slow down after Thanksgiving, and I'll be able to spend more time here then. Thanks for your patience. Tim

FYI, I do not answer van related tech questions via PM, email, or phone (sorry). If you need help, the best way to get it is to 1st search the forum (chances are your answers will be there waiting for you). If not, please post your questions in a thread of the same or similar subject matter. If it's a thread I've previously responded to the site will notify me and you will be much more likely to get a timely response. . Tim