It sounds like the 2ct is a little less efficient than the 3ct?
Our 1996 Liteace with a 3ct (2.2liter turbo) never really drops below 30 MPG, and best tank, heavily loaded, was 34 mpg on 205-70r14 "enasave" tires strait off the boat from Japan. Since upgrading to Suzuki rims with 205-75/15 size, I suspect it has gotten better, but the wife has yet to let me get a good read on a tank(she doesn't push the button on fill ups!)
Things that can be done to improve it- bigger tires for lower RPMS- kill switch for engine off coasting, under body aerodynamics pan, intercooler(per above discussion- pretty major for us, but about 6% increase in efficiency from my research), mpguino. There is a lot of info on ecomodder forum about this.
Note that when calculating MPG's, you have to account for tire size alterations- my speedo is in KM/hr, which normally converts at 1.61 km:mile, but with the common alteration of 205-75/15 it is now converting at 1.5:1 so an indicated 75 km's/hour= 50 mph.

Acceleration- perfectly acceptable, comparable to a 22re, for sure. I have no complaints here.
Top speed- very poor- 65 on the highway is about max on stock tires. The 27" OD tire really helps, increasing speed about 7% at any given RPM. Acceleration still acceptable, and 4 low still crawls well for steep bouldered terrain. I think this is about the right balance for overall gear ratio. I don't know about you, but these narrow tall vans don't feel great above 65 mph anyway.